[+] New Feature
[=] Updated feature
[-] Fixed bug

3.04-1 (19 Mar 2023)

  • [+] Added new X-ASN rule templates so that admins can score mail from specific organizations higher or lower using their autonomous system number (ASN). See here for more information.
  • [+] Added a Clear option to the AbuseIPDB operations select list so that admins can remove a reported IP address from within the Warden interface.
  • [=] Updated the dovecot tracking page so that the organization, location, network, and ASN columns are now fully searchable and sortable.
  • [=] Updated the Settings -> Filter Settings -> Max servers default to free up memory used by Amavis. See here for more information.
  • [=] Updated the IP address lookup firewall actions operations select list default to deny.
  • [=] Updated the services dashboard widget to work with servers that have hardened non-standard permissions.
  • [=] Updated the MaxMind license key validation to work with their new key format.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when saving the RelayCountry or URILocalBL settings pages on Plesk 18.0.50.

3.03-1 (05 Feb 2023)

  • [=] Improvements and bug fixes when viewing mail in the queue and quarantine areas.
  • [-] Fixed some style issues on Plesk 18.0.50.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

3.02-2 (16 Jan 2023)

  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin 4.0 ExtractText plugin. It uses external tools to extract text from images, pdfs, and other document types. SpamAssassin rules will be applied to the extracted text. Admins wanting to enable the plugin can follow the instructions here.
  • [-] Licensing fixes.

3.02-1 (01 Jan 2023)

  • [+] SpamAssassin 4.0 has been released! The release announcement can be found here. We've added the final release of SpamAssassin 4.0 for RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 and 9 to the danami-warden-testing repository. Admins wanting to upgrade to SpamAssassin 4.0 now can follow the instructions here.
  • [+] Added two new outgoing mail control reports so that you can view Plesk's outgoing mail control statistics from the Warden dashboard or reports area.
  • [+] Added a queue ID field when viewing a message in the queue. This makes it easy to use the queue ID if you want to view the message from the command line using postcat -q <queue_id>.
  • [=] Improved the mail parser when viewing mail in the queue and quarantine areas.
  • [=] Installer improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the Mailbox - Statistics - Out report.
  • [-] PHP 8.2 compatibility fixes.

3.01-1 (21 Nov 2022)

  • [+] Added support for AlmaLinux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.
  • [+] Added updated release candidate builds of SpamAssassin 4.0 for RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 and 9 to the danami-warden-testing repository. Experienced admins wanting to test out SpamAssassin 4.0 can follow the instructions located here. SpamAssassin 4.0 will be added to the main danami-warden repository after it's official release.
  • [+] Added the mail server settings page to the setup wizard so that users can set our recommended SMTPD restrictions during the initial Warden setup.
  • [+] Added an optimize all button to under Settings -> Log Maintenance in order to run the OPTIMIZE command on all tables in the Warden database.
  • [+] Added a pre-installation check to make sure that Postfix meets the minimum supported version (3.0+).
  • [=] Updated the installer to work better with customized yum repositories.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam learning and reputation reports to use the selected application time format (12 or 24 hours).
  • [=] Updated the Spamhaus DQS plugin to the latest version. To apply the updated Spamhaus DQS rules press the update button after entering in your API key under Settings -> Plugin Settings -> SH.
  • [=] Updated the message log default retention period from 90 to 45 days to speed up viewing the message log on busy servers without proper Mariadb/MySQL memory optimization. Admins can adjust the retention period under Settings -> Log Maintenance -> Log Settings -> Delete message logs after.
  • [=] Updated the messaging when performing actions under Settings -> Log Maintenance to be clear which tables are being pruned or optimized.
  • [=] Updated the MaxMind DB updater to send a If-Modified-Since header to minimize file transfers.
  • [=] Updated vendor libraries.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the SpamAssassin 4 DecodeShortURLs url_shortener_cache_type select list option was defaulting to DBI even though DBI was not actually set in the SpamAssassin config file.
  • [-] Fixed an error when trying to view the PHP tab on the queue page with certain messages.
  • [-] Fixed an error when the My domain default could not be determined from the server hostname.

3.00-1 (19 Sep 2022)

  • [+] Added support for SpamAssassin 4.0.
  • [+] Added release candidate builds of SpamAssassin 4.0 for RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 to the danami-warden-testing repository. Experienced admins wanting to test out SpamAssassin 4.0 can follow the instructions located here. SpamAssassin 4.0 will be added to the main danami-warden repository after it's official release.
  • [+] Added a new Postfix settings page under Settings -> Mail Server Settings. This area allows admins to set stronger SMTPD restrictions so that spam is rejected before it gets processed by Amavis. It is recommended that admins go to Settings -> Mail Server Settings then press the "default" button on that page to apply the new recommended SMTPD restrictions. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added a new Postfix access map management interface under Settings -> Mail Server Access. This area allows admins to whitelist or blacklist at the SMTPD level by client IP address, CIDR, HELO/EHLO hostname, envelope sender, and envelope recipient.
  • [+] Added a new Postfix access map search dashboard widget. Existing users can add the new widget by pressing the add widget button on the dashboard then selecting the Mail Server Access widget.
  • [+] Added a new client access tab to the IP address lookup tool so that admins can whitelist or blacklist by IP address or CIDR.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin 4.0 dependencies to the installer RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux (perl-Net-LibIDN2 perl-Email-Address-XS), Debian/Ubuntu (libnet-libidn-perl libemail-address-xs-perl).
  • [+] Added GeoIP2 dependencies to the installer RHEL/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux (perl-GeoIP2 perl-MaxMind-DB-Reader-XS), Debian/Ubuntu (libgeoip2-perl libmaxmind-db-reader-xs-perl). These will use fast XS to link against the libmaxminddb library. This is much faster than the Pure Perl implementation.
  • [+] Added support for the new DecodeShortURLs plugin in SpamAssassin 4.0. This plugin will decode shortened URLs in messages then add the URLs to a list of URIs which can then be scored and accessed by other plug-ins.
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin 4.0 ASN plugin options asn_use_geodb, asn_prefer_geodb, asn_use_dns. This allows ASN lookups to use the local MaxMind ASN databases instead of querying third party ASN lookup services.
  • [+] Added a My domain option under Settings -> Content Filter Settings -> Filter Settings. This is used by Amavis in various places like in the X-Virus-Scanned header.
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin 4.0 Pyzor and Razor2 plugin options pyzor_fork, pyzor_count_min, pyzor_whitelist_min, pyzor_whitelist_factor, razor_fork. This allows Pyzor and Razor2 to fork separate processes and read the results in later (similar to async DNS lookups) which increases throughput.
  • [=] On Debian/Ubuntu the installer will import the Danami signing key to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/danami.gpg instead of the global keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg now that the apt-key command has been deprecated.
  • [=] Updated the Amavis $sql_select_policy so that it will match email aliases at the mailbox level instead of relying on the domain level policy. Thanks Michael!
  • [=] Updated the default Anti-virus option ConcurrentDatabaseReload. If a server has less than 8 GB memory it will now default to no to disable concurrent database reloads (which require twice the amount of free memory). We recommend that servers with less than 8 GB of memory uncheck the option ConcurrentDatabaseReload under Settings -> Anti-virus Settings
  • [=] Updated the log buttons so that the reject log is located after the message log now that the reject log has more importance due to the new Postfix restrictions.
  • [=] Removed support for Debian 9 as it reached end of life on June 30, 2022.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the antivirus signature reload command was not working on Debian/Ubuntu if the clamdscan package was not installed.
  • [-] PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.17-1 (01 Jun 2022)

  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Ubuntu users upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04 are required to run the upgrade script /opt/psa/admin/bin/modules/warden/ after dist-upgrading.
  • [=] On AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 the installer will exclude the EPEL ImageMagick packages when enabling the EPEL repo as they are not currently compatible with any of Plesk's PHP packages.
  • [-] Updated the queue grid to hide the force expire action on postfix versions that do not support it. The force expire command requires a postfix version >= 3.5.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the queue actions display logic was not working correctly.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.16-1 (27 Mar 2022)

  • [+] Added support for Debian 11.
  • [+] Added a new advanced mail queue management area. Admins can attempt re-delivery, expire, delete, hold, and release queued email. The new queue grid allows you to view the reason why a message was deferred without having to rely on the command line.
  • [+] Added the ability to get detailed information about each message in the mail queue. Admins can view mail headers, PHP script information, detailed mail logs, and even get a preview of outgoing messages. This gives admins the tools they need to identify compromised email accounts or PHP forms that are being abused on the server.
  • [+] Added the ability to set custom spam level and spam quarantine cutoff level options. Users can type in a custom value in the select search then click on it to add a new value.
  • [+] Updated the mail log lookup tool to add a notice with additional mail client and domain information.
  • [=] Updated the mail log parser to support postfix systems with enable_long_queue_ids enabled.
  • [=] Improved and optimized the mail log lookup tool log parser. The parser now has a better chance of finding matched log entries.
  • [=] Improved the viewing of quarantined email with base64 or quoted-printable encodings.
  • [=] Updated the button spacing to be locale aware so that verbose locales have more spacing.
  • [-] Fixed a bug there the extension button was showing under the subscription tabs for admins and resellers when they were not needed.

2.15-1 (06 Feb 2022)

  • [+] Added support for Rocky Linux.
  • [+] Added new Amavis 2.12-2 packages for AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 to the Danami repository.
  • [+] Added a new reputation option in the IP address lookup menu so admins can query AbuseIPDB with a single click.
  • [+] Added a new actions menu to the message and quarantine pages where admins, resellers, and customers can quickly whitelist or blacklist an email address.
  • [+] Added additional pre-install checks to make sure the server hardware is supported.
  • [=] Removed support for Centos 8 as it reached end of life on December 31st, 2021. Centos 8 users should use migration scripts to convert their OS to AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux.
  • [=] Updated the connections column on the IMAP/POP3 tracking grid to be clickable if the Juggernaut Firewall extension is installed.
  • [=] Updated the filter, reject, IMAP/POP3, and SMTP auth logs to highlight important rows.
  • [=] Updated the policy lookup menu to be able to match email aliases. When clicking on an alias it will lookup the real mailbox.
  • [=] Search improvements when filtering though the logs.
  • [=] Updated the message log lookup icon to not display if the message is not searchable.
  • [-] Fixed display issues when viewing quarantined messages with different character encodings.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when updating the anti-spam PhishTank feed.
  • [-] Fixed an error when going to the Log Maintenance -> Log Settings page.
  • [-] Fixed an installer issue on CloudLinux 8.5.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.14-1 (09 Jan 2022)

  • [+] Added a new page under Settings -> Signature Providers where admins can enable third party ClamAV signatures from providers like SaneSecurity, SecureInfo, and URLhaus. These signatures can block phishing, double attachments, macro malware, javascript malware, zero-day malware and even on zero-hour malware.
  • [+] Added a reputation tab to the IP address lookup tools. Now admins can use AbuseIPDB to check and report IP addresses for abuse. AbuseIPDB is free for up to 1000 checks per day. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added new abuseipdb_key, securiteinfo, sanesecurity, and urlhaus options to the installer command line interface.
  • [+] Added signature reload functionality to the anti-virus signatures dashboard widget.
  • [+] Added syntax highlighting to the signature whitelist page.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus setting ConcurrentDatabaseReload default to be dynamically set based on the system memory. If the system has at least 4 GB memory it will default to yes to allow for non-blocking (multi-threaded/concurrent) database reloads.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus setting SelfCheck default from 600 to 3600 to improve server performance and optimize how often anti-virus signatures get reloaded.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus settings ExcludePUA and IncludePUA to be textareas instead of select lists to allow for more granular categories.
  • [=] Updated the message lookup tool to highlight Amavis entries according to the message content type and delivery.
  • [=] Updated the message log so that you can click on the content field to search the quarantine for messages from that sender and recipient. This makes it much easier to quickly locate quarantined messages.
  • [=] Updated the signature whitelist pages to use the clamd signature reload command instead of having to restart the freshclam service.
  • [=] Updated the geolocation settings page to not throw an error when first entering the MaxMind license key because new keys can take about 30 minutes before they are recognized.
  • [=] Updated the extension custom button location for admins, resellers, and customers to all display in the left navigation (in both service provider and power user views).
  • [=] Removed deprecated options from the anti-virus settings pages and updated the online documentation.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the message log advanced search where the delivery select options were incorrect.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the SMTP auth log where failed login user information was not being displayed correctly.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with servers using MariaDB 10.5+ with SELinux enabled.

2.13-1 (24 Oct 2021)

  • [+] Added a dedicated greylisting settings page where admins can enable/disable greylisting and control options like changing the greylisting interval, expire interval, and penalty interval.
  • [+] Added greylisting whitelist and blacklist pages where admins can whitelist or blacklist mail servers from greylisting.
  • [=] Removed the server wide greylisting option from the policy settings page now that greylisting has its own dedicated settings page.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the default PidFile location causing the anti-virus signature service to fail to start after rebooting on Centos/AlmaLinux/RHEL/CloudLinux 8.

2.12-1 (10 Oct 2021)

  • [+] Added support for server wide and domain level greylisting management under policy settings. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added a manage greylisting permission for clients and resellers under Settings -> Permissions.
  • [+] Added a greylisting column to the policy grid so that users can easily see which domains have greylisting enabled. If server wide greylisting is disabled then the column will be hidden by default.
  • [+] Added a new policy banks page where admins can disable different Amavis checks for outgoing mail. Admins can also disable the outgoing spam filter checks for specific users. The new settings can be found under Settings -> Content Filter Settings -> Policy Banks.
  • [+] Added a lookup icon to the mail log grid. If a log entry has a queue id then the user can click on the magnifying glass icon to view the log entries for it.
  • [+] Added the bar top level domain to the default Header - From - Matches - TLDs template.
  • [=] In Plesk 18.0.38+ clicking on the mail lookup icon will now include any Plesk mail filter (psa-pc-remote) service entries.
  • [=] Updated the service select list options on the mail log page.
  • [=] Updated the Warden custom buttons to be hidden when signed in under a subscription user account.
  • [=] Updated the installer to patch Amavis on Centos 8 to fix problems when using strict SQL_MODE and the DBD::MariaDB driver.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when disabling the sieve learning.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with missing information when looking up mail log messages entries.

2.11-1 (29 Aug 2021)

  • [+] Added a "mark spam as read" option to the policy settings area. This can be used to disable incoming notifications for mail that is moved to the spam folder.
  • [+] Added an organization column to the IMAP/POP3 tracking, IMAP/POP3 log, and SMTP auth log grids. This will show what internet service providers your customers are logging in from.
  • [+] Added additional network and ASN based reports. This allows for much more detailed reporting about which networks and organizations are sending you spam and viruses.
  • [+] Added network, organization, and ASN columns when clicking on the subject in the quarantine network. This will give users much more detail as to which network a quarantined message was sent from.
  • [+] Added additional pre-install checks to make sure the operating system is fully supported and that the mail server is set to use postfix and dovecot.
  • [+] Added a refresh button on the log grids to toggle on and off auto-refreshing of the grids.
  • [+] Added a "SPF validation failed" option to the message select list on the reject log page.
  • [=] Updated the policy settings area to only show the spam folder and mark as read options when the user chooses a non-default spam action.
  • [=] Updated the grid flag columns to be on the right of each page for consistency.
  • [=] Updated the different IP address column names to client addr for consistency.
  • [=] Performance optimizations.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the anti-spam phishing plugin cron task to make sure that Amavis is reloaded after the phishing feeds get updated.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.10-1 (27 June 2021)

  • [+] Added a new IMAP/POP3 tracking page were admins can monitor who is logged into the dovecot service. Admins can view the number of connections, username, protocol, IP address, and location of each logged in user.
  • [+] Added a new IMAP/POP3 tracking dashboard widget.
  • [=] Removed the bayes_journal_max_size and bayes_learn_to_journal options from the Anti-spam learning page as they have no effect when using MySQL or Redis as the bayes store module.
  • [=] Updated the mail log to highlight any entries with the message discarded by a mail handler.
  • [=] Updated the ClamAV default pid and socket locations from /var/run/ to /run/ to comply with the Linux filesystem hierarchy standard.
  • [=] Updated the country select lists to not be localized so that the country names will always match what is displayed by MaxMind.
  • [=] Updated the log search to automatically raise the default limit when searching for patterns.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the pre-install OS version check.

2.09-1 (23 May 2021)

  • [+] Added the MaxMind Autonomous System Number database to the list of databases that will be downloaded under Settings -> Geolocation settings.
  • [+] Updated the IP address and email information lookup tools to include network, ASN, and organization information. Users must first download the MaxMind ASN database under Settings -> Geolocation settings for these items to be displayed.
  • [=] Updated some of the dashboard reports to use a default timespan of 24 hours instead of one week. This will make them easier to understand on higher volume servers.
  • [=] Updated the installer to patch Amavis on Debian 10 to fix a bug where the originating flag was set incorrectly when using the amavisd-milter.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Clean - Client Addr Country - report could not be viewed on the dashboard.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Virus - Client Addr Location - report was showing incorrect information.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the new rule log could not be viewed on servers with non-English locales.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the rule updates interval could not be changed.

2.08-1 (26 Apr 2021)

  • [+] Added support for AlmaLinux 8.3.
  • [+] Added updated packages for SpamAssassin 3.4.6 on Centos/RHEL/CloudLinux. SpamAssassin 3.4.6 is a bug fix release. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added support for third party rulesets under Settings -> Rule Updates. Users can now enable the KAM ruleset to provide a significant boost to the performance and efficacy of a stock installation of SpamAssassin.
  • [+] Added a new page under Settings -> Logs -> Rule Log to view the sa-update log.
  • [+] Added new content and delivery statistics reports (Messages from the last 24 hours).
  • [+] Added the .cam top level domain to the default Header - From - Matches - TLDs rule template.
  • [+] Added a check to the installer to make sure the /var/qmail/popuser directory exists on the server.
  • [=] Made improvements when adding new rules though the rules page. Non-valid spaces in a rule name will now be automatically replaced with underscores.
  • [=] Removed the SafeBrowsing config option in ClamAV as it is being deprecated. See here for more information.
  • [=] Updated the minimum supported Plesk version to 17.8.11.
  • [=] Updated the jQuery and MaxMind libraries.
  • [=] Dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the AWL/TxRep plugins were not working correctly on Debian/Ubuntu systems running SpamAssassin 3.4.2.

2.07-3 (28 Mar 2021)

  • [+] Added updated packages for SpamAssassin 3.4.5 on Centos/RHEL/CloudLinux. SpamAssassin 3.4.5 is primarily a security release. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added support for MySQL 8 on Plesk 18.0.33.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the Redis bayes_token_ttl from 21d to 120d to provide a better expire value for lower volume servers.
  • [=] Updated the MaxMind database signature verification to use sha256 instead of md5.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the continent code for Europe used by the URILocalBL plugin was incorrect.
  • [-] French translation fixes. Thanks Cyril!

2.07-2 (19 Jan 2021)

  • [-] Fixed a bug where the new OS detection functions were causing Warden to set the wrong DBI driver for Amavis on Centos/RHEL/Cloudlinux 8.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the daily volume report was not showing the correct information.

2.07-1 (12 Jan 2021)

  • [+] Added additional database indexes which will speed up the Warden interface on busy servers.
  • [+] Added the Redis service to the dashboard services widget if Redis is installed on the server.
  • [+] Added syntax highlighting when viewing mail headers in the quarantine to make them easier to read.
  • [+] Added a KB article for optimizing Amavis for high volume servers. See here for more information.
  • [=] Updated the permissions to automatically hide Warden buttons in Plesk if the manage policies permission is disabled for that group. To use this feature just re-save the permissions page under Warden -> Settings -> Permissions
  • [=] Improved the operating system detection functions.
  • [=] Updated the SpamAssassin DQS plugin to the latest version.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the memory check used by the application setup wizard.
  • [-] Fixed a display bug where the default policy for a mailbox might not show the correct setting from its parent domain.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the POP3/IMAP log was not showing on Centos/RHEL/Cloudlinux 8.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Amavis filter logs were not showing on Debian/Ubuntu systems when Amavis was configured not to log to syslog.

2.06-1 (9 Dec 2020)

  • [+] Added mail level login support so mail users can now login to Plesk with their email and access their Warden policy settings. New permissions can be found under Warden -> Settings -> Panel Application -> Permissions.
  • [+] Added a DNS Policies area under the Policies tab where users can quickly check that their mail related DNS records are present for sending and receiving email.
  • [+] Added Juggernaut Firewall integration for Warden IP address information dialogs. When Juggernaut is installed Warden will show additional firewall actions, IPtables, ASN, and connection tabs.
  • [+] Added a selector input for the DKIM lookup area under Tools -> Network Information so users can enter a different DKIM selector when running DKIM lookups.
  • [+] Added Redis backend support for anti-spam learning. This can significantly speed up spam training and bayes lookups. New settings can be found under Warden -> Settings -> Learning Settings -> Storage Settings.
  • [=] Updated the Policy blacklists and whitelists to automatically remove any duplicate entries before saving.
  • [=] Optimized the mail lookup tools to work with larger mail logs.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the policy migrator would run into PHP limits when trying to export or import thousands of emails at a time.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where Amavis would not start on some systems with the error "Can't connect to TCP port 10024 on ::1 Cannot assign requested address". Amavis will now only bind to by default.
  • [-] Fixed some bugs when the time format was set to 12 hours.
  • [-] Centos 8.3.2011 repository fixes.
  • [-] French translation fixes. Thanks Cyril!

2.05-1 (15 Nov 2020)

  • [+] Added bulk MX, DMARC, RDNS, and DKIM record lookup tools under Tools -> Network Information.
  • [=] Updated the network-info vendor libraries to their latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the blacklist and whitelist entry validation to not allow wildcard characters that are unsupported by Amavis (question marks or asterisks).
  • [=] Updated the subject entries in the quarantine grid to always be clickable even for emails that do not have a subject line.
  • [-] Fixed a duplicate entry database error that could happen when re-adding mixed case whitelist or blacklist entries.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the new SMTP and Non-SMTP options where the amavisd-milter was not getting added to the postfix configuration during first installation in some situations.
  • [-] French translation fixes. Thanks Cyril!

2.04-1 (01 Nov 2020)

  • [+] Added CloudLinux 8 support.
  • [+] Added new SMTP milter and Non-SMTP milter options under Settings -> Milter settings. This gives amavisd-milter users the ability to enable or disable the milter on SMTP or Non-SMTP based email though the Plesk interface. Users who send out a lot PHP based mail and do not want it scanned or logged by Amavis may want to disable the Non-SMTP milter.
  • [+] Added a Header - To - Matches - Recipient template with a default negative score for whitelisting outgoing emails to a specific email.
  • [+] Added Spam and Infected options to the message select list under the reject log. When the policy spam action is set to block and the amavisd-milter is installed these messages will be rejected at the SMTP level and also listed in the reject log.
  • [=] Updated the filter settings max servers default setting to dynamically adjust based on the amount of system memory available.
  • [=] Updated the installer to make sure that on Debian/Ubuntu systems the init-system-helpers package >= 1.56 required by the amavisd-milter is installed.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Amavis $daemon_group option was not being properly set when the ClamAV anti-virus was not being installed.

2.03-1 (18 Oct 2020)

  • [+] Added full support for the amavisd-milter. With the amavisd-milter Amavis can now be setup as a before queue filter supporting all of Plesk's built in checks (including greylisting). The amavisd-milter can be installed by going though the setup wizard under Settings -> Application Setup.
  • [+] Added the anti-virus signature service to the dashboard on Centos/RHEL 8.
  • [+] Added the patch package to the installer as some systems might not have it installed.
  • [+] Added amavisd-milter packages from the Danami repository for Debian/Ubuntu servers.
  • [+] Added additional checks to the installer to make sure that the ClamAV signatures are downloaded before we try to start the ClamAV daemon the first time.
  • [+] Added the new ClamAV 0.103.0 option ConcurrentDatabaseReload with a default of no to save on RAM.
  • [+] Added the action log to the intelligent search.
  • [=] Updated the Amavis log lookup tool to format logs onto multiple lines when the filter settings log template option is in verbose mode to make the log easier to read.
  • [=] Updated the installer to patch Amavis on Centos/RHEL 8 to fix a utf8mb4 encoding bug when using the perl-DBD-MariaDB driver.
  • [=] Updated the installer to not disable greylisting on servers with the amavisd-milter installed.
  • [=] Updated the policy whitelists and blacklists to be sorted by alphabetically by domain name and mail name.
  • [=] Updated the default pid file location for the freshclam service to fix permission errors in the log.
  • [=] Updated the services order in the services dashboard widget.
  • [=] Improved the dovecot and postfix requirement pre-install checks.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the Header - From - Matches TLD and TLDs templates. To use the fixed template delete your old rule then re-add it using the new template.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the spam folder message pruning task was not running correctly.
  • [-] Fixed an autosize problem with the whitelists and blacklists textareas.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the intelligent search where it would not show results if the time format was set to 12 hours.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.02-2 (18 Sep 2020)

  • [-] Fixed a database permission problem with the new $sql_select_policy.
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

2.02-1 (16 Sep 2020)

  • [+] Added a MYNETS policy bank to the Warden Amavis config file as it is not set by default on Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [+] Added a view all button to the quarantine grids so you can easily view all quarantined items for the server or for a domain.
  • [+] Added the option to disable the real-time spam learning under Settings -> Learning Settings -> Sieve learning. When the IMAP sieve learning is disabled it will use the default Plesk nightly training task.
  • [=] Updated the content filter max_servers option default value to 3.
  • [=] Updated the real-time learning scripts to always return a zero exit code to prevent looping when sa-learn has problems.
  • [=] Updated the installer to patch Amavis on Ubuntu 18 to fix a bug where it would report outgoing mail as open relay instead of outgoing.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set the option receive_override_options = no_address_mappings in postfix to make sure that addresses only get rewritten once.
  • [=] Updated the installer to whitelist the amavis system user from Plesk outgoing mail limits.
  • [=] Updated the installer to use the new amavis package name on Centos/RHEL as it has been renamed in the EPEL repo.
  • [=] Updated the queue lookup tool to highlight successfully sent email.
  • [=] Updated the htmlpurifier library to the latest version.
  • [=] Updated the HTTPS lookup tool to handle lookup errors better.
  • [-] Fixed compatibility issues with Plesk Obsidian
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the columns on the statistics mailbox grid were not sortable.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the watchdog service entries were not being set properly on Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the $sql_select_policy setting used by Amavis where domain aliases in Plesk were not being detected as being local.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the quarantine area where clicking on a domain name would not filter the results for that domain.
  • [-] Dutch translation fixes. Thanks Jurgen!
  • [-] Japanese translation fixes. Thanks Kenichi!
  • [-] Italian translation fixes. Thanks Fabio!

2.01-1 (22 Aug 2020)

  • [+] Added custom IMAP prefix support for the real-time training and move to spam folder actions.
  • [+] Added the ability to set the Phishtank API key using the CLI install interface.
  • [=] Updated the API key signup links to point to our documentation as so that we can provide clear instructions as to how to sign up for each key.
  • [=] Improved the DB update schema compatibility across different database versions.
  • [=] Improved the way that statistics are calculated.
  • [=] Improved the domain/mailbox statistics in/out reports when viewing them from the dashboard.
  • [=] Improved the installer to set the default spam folder sieve actions before the extension is configured.
  • [=] Updated the disabled components check to disable the old plesk spam handlers even if the psa-spamassassin package is not installed.
  • [=] Updated the header matches TLDs template in the rules area to include additional spammy TLDs.
  • [=] Updated the htmlpurifier library to the latest version.
  • [=] Updated the policy search to match entries with multiple policy banks.
  • [=] Updated the default server policy message size limit for new installs to 0 for no size limit.
  • [=] Updated the SELinux policy to fix some types of DCC and Razor2 actions being denied.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when when performing quarantine actions on messages that had multiple recipients.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when using the DNSBL network information tool where the IP addresses on the server were not recognized.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when using the Antivirus-signatures update button on the dashboard on Centos/RHEL systems.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when releasing messages from quarantine on Debian/Ubuntu systems.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the tag spam action was not applying the tag to the subject line on some configurations.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when saving the Blacklists under DNS and DNSBL Settings.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Domain statistics in and out reports would not show in the dashboard.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the application was not able to determine the servers timezone on some systems.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the time selectors in the statistics area were not being applied to the search result.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when sorting statistics columns on servers with MariaDB 10.X.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when viewing blacklisted/whitelisted entries for entire domain and subdomains like
  • [-] Translation fixes.

2.00-2 (10 Aug 2020)

  • [-] Fixed a bug which caused the upgrade to fail on some systems.

2.0 (02 Aug 2020)


  • This is a major release so you will be required to go though the application setup wizard after upgrading.
  • Incompatible components will be disabled on upgrade (SpamAssassin service, drweb, greylisting).
  • Legacy Plesk spam filter settings will no longer be used but administrators can optionally migrate old mailbox settings using the Warden policy migrator.
  • Support for Centos 6, Debian 8, and courier-imap has been deprecated.

Whats New

Upgrade Guide

  • [+] Added full support for the Amavis content filter. The Plesk spam filter, spamass-milter, and clamav-milter have been deprecated.
  • [+] Added a command line interface for the setup wizard so admins can automate installation and configuration using tools like ansible. See here for more information.
  • [+] Anti-spam learning and reputation data is now stored in the Warden database for increased performance.
  • [+] Added real-time spam and ham training using the dovecot IMAP service. Messages are trained automatically when they are moved to and from the spam folder.
  • [+] Added a policy migrator tool for importing old Plesk spam filter settings into Warden or for exporting policy settings from one Warden instance into another.
  • [+] Added a policy area for managing server wide, domain, and mailbox filter policy settings.
  • [+] Added a statistics area for viewing incoming and outgoing statistics for each domain or mailbox.
  • [+] Added a quarantine area for managing incoming and outgoing quarantined email for each domain or mailbox.
  • [+] Added a message log for viewing all messages processed by Amavis. Amavis logs all processed email to the Warden database.
  • [+] Added a filter log for viewing the amavis log. This log can use the default mail log or a dedicated log file depending on your content filter use syslog setting.
  • [+] Added a DNS and DNSBL Settings area under Settings -> Panel Application to manage the DNS and DNSBL settings used by the application.
  • [+] Added a network information tool under tools to view and lookup network information.
  • [+] Added a spam report tool under tools to see what score and spam rules are matched by a message.
  • [+] Added a spam learn tool under tools to train a message as spam, ham, or to forget a previously trained message.
  • [+] Added optimize table functionality to the log maintenance settings area.
  • [+] Added Anti-spam learning setting bayes_auto_learn_on_error and set the default value to 1.
  • [+] Added a time format option under Settings -> Application Settings giving admins the ability to choose between 12 and 24 hour date display for logs.
  • [=] Updated the installer to always enable and use the Danami repo on Centos/RHEL/CloudLinux.
  • [=] Support for Centos 6, Debian 8, and courier-imap has been deprecated.
  • [=] Updated all extension events to use the Plesk extension eventlistener.
  • [=] Updated all of the reports to use the new data provided from Amavis.
  • [=] Updated the services dashboard to include Amavisd, Postfix, and Dovecot services. The dashboard will be reset due to all the changes in this version.
  • [=] Support for the TesseractOcr plugin has been deprecated. The old plugin will be removed when upgrading.
  • [=] Updated the trusted hosts to allow the new Plesk URL format without port number for logging in.
  • [=] Updated the logs area to use the same icon to speed up loading of the page.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam pages to automatically reload the content filter so users do not have to manually restart the service when making changes.
  • [=] Updated the default for Anti-spam learning bayes_expiry_max_db_size to 1000000.
  • [=] Security improvements.
  • [-] SELinux bug fixes for the product installer.
  • [-] ClamAV config file parser bugs fixes and improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the users remote IP address was not being reported properly when logged in the new Plesk URL format without a port number.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown when no nameserver entries were found in /etc/resolv.conf.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the anti-virus restart button was not working properly when whitelisting a virus signature.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where email lookup tool could pull up the wrong mailbox.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the SpamAssassin Phishtank plugin feed was not getting updated properly.

1.18-2 (17 Mar 2020)

  • [=] Licensing improvements.
  • [=] Updated the uninstaller to make sure that plugins not supported by the default SpamAssassin on Centos8 are disabled when Warden is uninstalled.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on Centos 8 that prevented the clamav packages from being installed properly.
  • [-] Dutch translation fixes. Thanks Jurgen!

1.18-1 (05 Mar 2020)

  • [+] Added a custom button entry point to Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection under Tools & Settings -> Mail and Domains -> Domain name.
  • [+] Added a back button to the domains grid so you can go back to the Plesk domain page when entering from the domain custom button.
  • [=] Updated the apps custom buttons to use the Plesk extension CustomButtons hooks.
  • [=] Updated the installer tasks and custom buttons to be localized.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout option from 30 to 0 (infinite). The ReceiveTimeout had caused needless database update failures for users with slower internet connections.
  • [=] Updated UI notice styles to match Plesk 18.
  • [=] Updated the domains grid so it will show subdomains as Plesk allows for mail accounts for subdomains.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout was not being shown properly.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the installer where the progress bar and next button would sometimes not update.
  • [-] Fixed some bugs and memory leaks when the dashboard would auto refresh. The dashboard will be reset due to changes in this version.

1.17-2 (21 Jan 2020)

  • [+] Added a "Mailbox full" option to the message select list under the reject log so users can filter by that reject message.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the FromNameSpoof plugin fns_extrachars option from 5 to 50.
  • [=] Updated the ResourceLimits plugin to not be enabled by default.
  • [=] Updated the RelayCountry country_db_path and URILocalBL uri_country_db_path plugin options to not set the location of the geo database if the database file does not exist.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the error message for the repo check during the application setup wizard when told to exclude conflicting ClamAV packages.
  • [-] Licensing bug fixes and improvements.

1.17-1 (01 Jan 2020)

  • [+] Added the option of not installing the ClamAV anti-virus packages during the application setup. This allows Warden to be used with any anti-virus product or on a server with limited memory.
  • [+] Added the option of installing the latest Danami SpamAssassin packages during the application setup. This allows Centos/RHEL/Cloudlinux users to use the very latest SpamAssassin (3.4.3) with Warden instead of the legacy version that comes with their distribution.
  • [+] Added the option of enabling the X-PHP-Originating-Script header to all PHP instances during the application setup. This allows Warden to track what PHP script an email was sent from.
  • [+] Added long email address handling to the log grids. Long emails like the ones used for bounced messages will be truncated by the first part of their mail name.
  • [+] Added a Maxmind license key option under the Geolocation Settings page now that Maxmind requires that you signup for a free license key to download their Geolite2 databases. More information:
  • [+] Added additional TLDs to the bad TLD rule template.
  • [+] Added a "Blocked by SpamAssassin" option to the message select list under the reject log so users can filter out outgoing messages rejected by the anti-spam milter.
  • [+] Added a queue id search, client IP, client RDNS, and flag columns to the reject log grid.
  • [=] Removed the autolearn column from the spam log to make room for other columns. You can still add it back using the columns chooser if you need it.
  • [=] Updated the grid country flag icon to return the full location as the title instead of just the country code when hovering your mouse over it.
  • [=] Updated the recipient envelope handling for the spam log to properly log spammers abusing Envelope-To headers.
  • [=] Updated the application setup wizard to re-run the pre-install system checks before running the installer.
  • [=] Updated the defaults values for olemacro_num_zip, olemacro_max_file, and olemacro_skip_ctypes to reflect the recent changes in SpamAssassin 3.4.3.
  • [=] Updated the Trusted Hosts option to allow for accessing the panel without the Plesk port number.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Milter settings reject_score option to allow values of -1 so that mail will be rejected when it reaches the required score.
  • [=] Updated the country and reports select lists to be sorted alphabetically in any interface language.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to apply theme and locale changes instantly when the page is saved.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to reset the dashboard layout when the locale is changed so that the locale titles will reflect the changes.
  • [-] Italian translation fixes. Thanks Fabio!
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

1.16-2 (21 Nov 2019)

  • [+] Added Hungarian, Swedish, and Turkish machine translations. Contact us if you are a native speaker and would like to help out fixing any errors.
  • [=] Updated the name of the OLEMacro plugin to be OLEVBMacro to reflect the changes in SpamAssassin 3.4.3 RC6.
  • [=] UI spacing changes to accommodate more verbose languages.
  • [=] Updated the OLEVBMacro rule default values.
  • [-] Fixed a forbidden error when a customer would try to access the extension and the trusted hosts would not match.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the Polish translations which caused a fatal error.
  • [-] Translation and localization fixes for some javascript components.

1.16-1 (24 Oct 2019)

  • [+] Added initial support for Centos 8, Debian 10, and Ubuntu 19.04.
  • [+] Added an auto refresh to the dashboard page. The interval is controlled under Settings -> Application Settings -> Dashboard refresh interval
  • [+] Added localized Plesk extension descriptions.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer RHEL/Centos (perl-NetAddr-IP, perl-Net-SSLeay) Debian/Ubuntu (libnetaddr-ip-perl, libcrypt-ssleay-perl).
  • [+] Added additional validation to the dns_servers option under Network Settings to make sure that people were not trying to use hostnames.
  • [+] Added Command rejected option to the message select list on the mail reject page.
  • [+] Added a Header - Received - Matches - Hostname template to the Rules page.
  • [=] Updated the minimum total memory pre-install check to 2 GB now that Plesk Obsidian uses more memory.
  • [=] Updated the grid column headers to wrap to handle more verbose languages.
  • [=] Updated the installer to restart the clamav-freshclam service on Debian/Ubuntu so that the signatures have time to download before trying to start ClamAV.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Antivirus signatures dashboard widget would report unknown for the version number.
  • [-] Setup wizard improvements and bug fixes.
  • [-] Fixed installer bugs on RHEL/Cloudlinux servers.
  • [-] Fixed style issues on Plesk Obsidian GA.
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

1.15-2 (24 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added a minimum Plesk update check to the pre-installer.
  • [=] Removed support for Ubuntu 14 and Debian 7 now that Plesk is no longer providing updates for them.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the service status would not show properly on some systems running hardened kernels.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on legacy Plesk versions where the Plesk event handlers were not getting setup properly.

1.15-1 (13 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added support for Plesk Obsidian 18.
  • [+] Added support for the Plesk skins and color schemes extension with all the default themes supported.
  • [+] Added additional checks for the TemporaryDirectory option to make sure that the directory is writable by the Anti-virus and Anti-virus Milter services.
  • [+] Added spam and virus filter permissions for customers and resellers.
  • [+] Added a virus filter option to mailbox settings to allow users the ability to control how virus scanning is to be performed (any, incoming, outgoing, or none).
  • [+] Added the ability to download the GeoLite2 country database under Geolocation Settings for versions of SpamAssassin that do not support the GeoLite2 City database.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer: RHEL/Centos (ImageMagick tesseract perl-Net-LibIDN) Debian/Ubuntu (imagemagick tesseract-ocr libnet-libidn-perl).
  • [+] Added support for scoring image based spam using the new TesseractOcr plugin.
  • [+] Added support for the new OLEMacro plugin included in SpamAssassin 3.4.3.
  • [+] Added support for the new Spamhaus data query service plugin (free for non-commercial / paid for commercial use).
  • [+] Added mimeheader support to the rules page with templates to score bad attachments.
  • [+] Added report_charset option to the Anti-spam settings page. This option can fix problems when umlaut and accents are not showing up properly in the spam log.
  • [+] Added country_db_type and country_db_path options to the RelayCountry plugin page.
  • [+] Added uri_country_db_path option to the URILocalBL plugin page.
  • [+] Added additional checks on the anti-spam plugins page so you can not enable a plugin if a required binary does not exist.
  • [+] Added Plesk event handlers to make sure that any anti-virus whitelists are always correct even when a domain or mailbox is renamed.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that we are not trying to install on a future unsupported OS.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that you can not install the extension if your server does not have enough free memory in order to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added MaxScanTime option that was introduced in ClamAV 0.101.4 under Scanning Limits.
  • [=] Updated the services widget to show the uptime, CPU usage, and memory usage of each service. The health dashboard widget was removed as its no longer needed.
  • [=] Updated the help for the PHP Script out report showing how to enable the X-PHP-Originating-Script header that Warden uses to track outgoing PHP mail.
  • [=] Updated the Warden installer to raise the default SpamAssassin scan size limit from 256000 bytes to 1000000 bytes.
  • [=] Updated the installer to automatically add firewall rules for Razor, Pyzor, and DCC if the Plesk firewall extension is installed and the rules do not already exist.
  • [=] Updated Warden to include third party plugins (TesseractOcr, SH). Any included third party plugins will be automatically upgraded with every new Warden release.
  • [=] Updated the mail lookup tool to highlight delivered messages in green and discarded messages in red.
  • [=] Updated the advanced edit pages to always show the full path to the file you are editing in the page legend.
  • [=] Updated the javascript libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the PHP vendor libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the log anti-virus log pages to be merged with their main settings pages.
  • [=] Updated the default option for DataBaseMirror to be now that the ClamAV mirrors are using Cloudflare.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus milter OnFail option for new installs to be Accept instead of Defer so users can still send and receive email even when the ClamAV daemon is down.
  • [=] Improved the service status detection used by the dashboard services widget.
  • [-] Fixed style problems when using custom skins.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the rule templates for headers matching TLDs.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the Bad URI continents option under the URILocalBL page not loading properly when using multiple continents.

1.14-1 (07 Apr 2019)

  • [+] Added customer and company columns to the domains page.
  • [+] Added a mail log search tool for the spam and virus log pages. This will show administrators the complete mail log for a message-id.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer RHEL/Centos (perl-Net-CIDR-Lite) Debian/Ubuntu (libnet-cidr-lite-perl).
  • [+] Added the email information lookup tool to the AV milter log grid.
  • [=] Updated any mail log columns that have a message-id or queue-id to use the new mail log search tool.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam rule templates to make them easier to understand.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam rules to automatically escape values that are not wrapped in delimiters.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the spamass-milter config on some Ubuntu systems making sure that the spamass-milter -u option is not set.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the TLDs rule template. To enable delete the old rule then re-add it using the new TLDs template.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on Debian/Ubuntu where the mail log would only show maillog but not mail.log files as data sources.
  • [-] Fixed the reset button not working on the mailbox page.

1.13-1 (07 Feb 2019)

  • [+] Added a signature management tool when clicking on the virus column in the virus log. You can whitelist or decode virus signatures using it.
  • [+] Added missing countries to the available countries (Åland Islands, Antarctica, Bonaire, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Saint Barthélemy, Svalbard and Jan Mayen).
  • [+] Added the anti-virus and anti-virus milter logs to the intelligent search.
  • [+] Added a notice when trying to start the anti-virus service if the server does not have enough free memory to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from rpmforge/repoforge are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [=] Updated the Action log to include location and flag columns.
  • [=] Updated the intelligent search results to return 100 results if filtering by a specific log otherwise only return 10 results for each log.
  • [=] Updated the Spam and Virus logs to not show the ID column by default.
  • [=] Updated the Signature Whitelist page help to tell the user to not include the .UNOFFICIAL suffix when whitelisting third party signatures.
  • [=] Updated the PHP script out report to include help for finding the vhost directory and full path for a script.
  • [=] Updated the amount of time to wait when refreshing the services dashboard widget to give it enough time for the ClamAV daemon to fully restart.
  • [=] Updated the free memory requirements for ClamAV 0.101.0 to at least 600 MB.
  • [-] German translation fixes. Thanks Dennis!

1.12-3 (18 Jan 2019)

  • [-] Fixed bug on Debian/Ubuntu where the spamass-milter user was being set in the /etc/default/spamass-milter config file when it should not have been causing spam logging problems.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the log maintenance settings were not being saved and loaded from the database.

1.12-2 (25 Dec 2018)

  • [-] Fixed spamass-milter configration file parser issues.
  • [-] Fixed bug with spamass-milter -M (Do not modify message at all) and -m (Do not modify Subject:, Content-Type: or body) settings where options were reversed.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Debian 8.11 where it would not recognize the newer apt-get command line options the installer was using.
  • [-] Fixed AV Milter Settings add header select list option not showing the current value.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux systems where /proc was not accessible to determine if the system was running systemd or sysvinit.

1.12-1 (01 Dec 2018)

  • [+] Added SpamAssassin 4.00 and ClamAV 0.101.0 support.
  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins HashBL, ResourceLimits, Phishing and FromNameSpoof (SpamAssassin 3.4.2+ is required).
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins RelayCountry, URILocalBL, WhiteListSubject, VBounce, DecodeShortURLs (experimental) and OLEMacro (experimental).
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for RHEL/Centos (perl-Encode perl-Encode-Detect perl-Net-DNS perl-BSD-Resource perl-DBD-SQLite perl-libwww-perl perl-Archive-Zip perl-IO-String).
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for Debian/Ubuntu (libencode-perl libencode-detect-perl libnet-dns-perl libbsd-resource-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl libwww-perl libarchive-zip-perl libio-string-perl).
  • [+] Added multiple config file (.cf) support to the Rules area.
  • [+] Added the email lookup tool for the Sender and Recipient Envelope columns in the Spam log.
  • [+] Added new reports (Sender Domain, Sender TLD, Sender Envelope, Sender Mailer, Client rDNS, Mailbox Disk Usage, Mailbox Disk Usage Over Limit).
  • [+] Added a check to the updater to fix SELinux labels on compiled rules if the Rule2XSBody plugin is enabled.
  • [+] Added a message select list search dropdown to the Mail Reject Log grid.
  • [+] Added button actions Update (sa-update) and Compile(sa-compile) to the Rules grid.
  • [=] Removed the rule override options from the Anti-spam Settings page. If you want to override a rule score then enter it using the Rules page.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings pages to load and save to .cf config files if they exist otherwise use the file.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings page to display warnings for any missing Perl modules.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam rule parser to save plugin rules within ifplugin statements and remove ifplugin statements if they are empty.
  • [=] Updated most of the options for TxRep plugin settings to be select lists to make them easier to understand.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set disable Txrep and Bayes auto learn for outgoing email.
  • [=] Updated the default setting from pyzor_timeout 3.5 to pyzor_timeout 10.0 to prevent pyzor: error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f) errors in the mail log.
  • [=] Updated the email lookup tool for the POP3/IMAP log and SMTP Auth Log.
  • [=] Updated the Domains and Mailboxes grids to now filter logs by the date range you have set.
  • [=] Updated the reports to now filter logs by the date range that you searched on.
  • [=] Updated the email autosuggest used in grids to support entries starting and ending with @.
  • [=] Updated the blacklist and whitelist textareas for mailboxes and domains to make sure that they auto-resize when multiple entries are added.
  • [=] Updated the mailbox reputation table data to sort by the highest count and to only display data with a count greater than 1.
  • [=] Updated the domains and mailboxes statistics search fields from date to date and time.
  • [=] Updated the default search date for the spam and virus logs from the last 30 to 15 days.
  • [=] Updated the Italian language translations. Thanks Ballestri!
  • [=] Updated the German language translations. Thanks Dennis!
  • [=] Updated the uninstaller to make sure that the Warden, Pyzor, and Razor2 plugins are disabled in the SpamAssassin config after uninstalling.
  • [-] Fixed bug with Spam and Ham language report URLs not searching the spam log properly.
  • [-] Fixed bug where SpamAssassin debug would report Mail::SPF missing even though perl-Mail-SPF was installed.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the wrong menu was being used for the recipient and Client rDNS in the spam log reducing its functionality.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the ClamAV virus_action database logging script would not have the correct ownership set by the installer on first run.
  • [-] Fixed bug where Spam Analysis would not log and display correctly when the SpamAssassin locale was not set to English.
  • [-] Fixed bug where courier-imaps and courier-pop3s log lines were not showing up in the POP3/IMAP Log.
  • [-] Fixed bug with the Spam Rule report not working.

1.11-2 (26 Sept 2018)

  • [-] Fixed bug where courier-pop3d log lines were not showing up in the POP3/IMAP Log.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the text highlight function would sometimes break html output.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.

1.11-1 (13 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added Plesk Onyx 17.9 support.
  • [+] Added service monitoring entries if the Watchdog extension is installed.
  • [+] Added an anti-virus restart button to the signature whitelist page.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that atomic ClamAV packages are excluded.
  • [=] Updated the installer to enable server-wide Spamassassin spam filtering and individual settings to spam filtering required by Warden.
  • [=] Updated the un-installer to not remove the ClamAV packages if Sentinel Anti-malware is installed.
  • [=] Updated the default ClamAV DatabaseCustomURL option to include PHP malware signatures if Sentinel Anti-malware is installed.
  • [=] Removed the asn_prefix option from the ASN plugin page as its not supported on older versions of Spamassassin.
  • [-] Fixed license error when users were running with NO_ZERO_DATE enabled in MySQL.
  • [-] Fixed Spamassassin Razor2 bug ID 7018.

1.10-7 (25 July 2018)

  • [-] Fixed SELinux issues with Razor and Pyzor.
  • [-] Fixed No clamd server appears to be available bug with ClamAV 1.00.01+ on Centos/RHEL 7. A special thanks to the EPEL ClamAV package maintainer.
  • [-] Fixed spamass-milter not being removed in non_smtpd_milters when un-installed.

1.10-6 (17 July 2018)

  • [-] Fixed Spamassassin and ClamAV pre-install checker.
  • [-] Fixed Antivirus signature settings help link.
  • [-] Fixed missing symlink when Spamassassin is re-added on Debian.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV installation problem on Ubuntu 14.04.

1.10-4 (24 June 2018)

  • [-] Fixed duplicate clamav milter entries when postfix is running in chroot mode.
  • [-] Fixed recipient in the spam log page being blank on some systems.
  • [-] Fixed spam sender report.

1.10-3 (11 June 2018)

  • [+] Added a pre-install memory check to make sure that the system has enough memory to run the clamav daemon.
  • [=] Updated the installer to include packages that might be missing on some systems (arj bzip2 gzip pax zip sendmail-milter).
  • [=] Updated SQL queries to be STRICT_ALL_TABLES compliant.
  • [=] Updated the installer to try to set proper selinux permissions for the spamass-milter socket.
  • [-] Fixed error when editing multiple mailboxes.
  • [-] Fixed license page billing cycle display.

1.10-2 (14 May 2018)

  • [=] Updated the installer to run freshclam to get the latest signatures on install.
  • [-] Fixed install bug preventing Clamav packages from being installed on Debian / Ubuntu.

1.10-1 (29 April 2018)

  • [+] Added wildcard search support to the logs area (-W).
  • [+] Added a support section to the settings page.
  • [+] Added support for free trial licenses.
  • [=] Updated the minimum Plesk version to 17.0 so we can use the new Plesk APIs.
  • [=] Updated the install / upgrade process to use the new Plesk Long Tasks API to provide a better installation experience.
  • [=] Updated misc components to follow Plesk extension guidelines.
  • [=] Updated SQL queries to be ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY complient.
  • [=] Updated the application to automatically re-add the custom button if it has been deleted.
  • [=] Depricated support for the RelayCountry and URILocalBL plugins as they used the old GeoLite databases which are no longer being updated.
  • [-] Fixed SUS license check bug.

1.09-1 (20 Feb 2018)

  • [+] Added a universal search on the top right of every page for easy searching though logs.
  • [+] Added a check button under rules so you can check and see if there are any errors in your Spamassassin configuration.
  • [+] Added the ability to set the maximum scan size for outgoing mail under Anti-spam Milter Settings.
  • [+] Added a direction column to the virus log so you can see if a virus was incoming or outgoing.
  • [+] Added script and mailer columns to the spam grid so you can eaily search and filter for mail that contains a X-PHP-Originating-Script, X-Mailer headers.
  • [+] Added an optional message_id column to the spam grid so you can search for a specific message-id.
  • [+] Added an additional check in the Warden spamassassin plugin to make sure that email redirects were only logged once.
  • [+] Added new domains and mailboxes statistics reports.
  • [+] Added new daily and hourly volume reports.
  • [+] Added new support and documentation links to the settings area.
  • [*] Security improvements and hardening.
  • [*] Updated the default settings for Scan outgoing SMTP and Scan outgoing Non-SMTP to on.
  • [*] Updated all reports to be actionable. You can click on columns or sets to search for the item the report is based off.
  • [*] Updated the domain and mailbox pages to display statistics for spam in, spam out, virus in, virus out, total in, total out.
  • [*] Updated the statistics logic to log statistics for domains even if the domains mailbox doesn't exist.
  • [*] Updated the default font size for autocomplete.
  • [*] Updated the the reset buttons on the spam and virus log to also reset the advanced search when pressed.
  • [*] Updated the default first sort order for domains and mailboxes grids so that they will sort desc on first click.
  • [-] Fixed apt-get installation warnings about front end not being set Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed search bugs when searching though file based log files.

1.08-2 (28 Jan 2018)

  • [+] Added a check button under rules so you can check and see if there are any errors in your configuration.
  • [-] Fixed bug where DKIM headers were not being added if outgoing scanning was enabled.
  • [-] Fixed anti-virus version info bug on Debian / Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed bug where clicking on the ham or spam in the mailbox log was not filtering the spam log correctly.

1.08-1 (20 Jan 2018)

  • [+] Added a seperate spamassassin milter for outgoing mail spam filtering.
  • [+] Added restart buttons to anti-spam pages as changes to the master config do not take effect until spamd is restarted.
  • [+] Added @domains to sender and recipient autosuggests.
  • [+] Added a mirror select list to the signature settings page.
  • [+] Added domain name, subject, spam, and direction search fields to the spam log page.
  • [+] Added a service search field to the mail log page.
  • [+] Added mail name search fields to the mailboxes page.
  • [+] Added an option to only log certain headers on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added an option to skip logging for certain addresses on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added an option to only log rule statistics for certain rules on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added subgroup searching to the spam and virus log grids.
  • [+] Added sender envelope (EnvelopeFrom), recipient envelope(Envelope-To), vhost (X-PPP-Vhost), and script (X-PHP-Originating-Script) fields to the spam grid.
  • [+] Added a template select list to the rules page so you can load predefined rule templates.
  • [+] Added outgoing PHP scripts ham and spam reports now that we log the X-PPP-Vhost and X-PHP-Originating-Script headers for outgoing email.
  • [*] Updated the Warden plugin and mail lookup tools to handle email aliases and domain aliases.
  • [*] Updated the POP3/IMAP grid to match the grid used in Juggernaut Firewall.
  • [*] Updated the spam grid so you can hover over the sender and recipient fields to show you the origional from: and to: fields.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the client IP and client rDNS was not always reported properly in the spam log.

1.07-1 (8 Dec 2017)

  • [+] Added Debian 9 support.
  • [+] Added mailbox autosuggests for the log pattern searches.
  • [-] Removed deprecated ClamAV Milter AllowSupplementaryGroups option.
  • [-] Fixed permissions problems on Plesk 17.8.
  • [-] Fixed bug not being able to generate a report for all mailboxes on a specific domain.
  • [-] Fixed bug where you were not able to edit multiple mailboxes at the same time.
  • [-] Fixed bug where maillog.processed was not available as a data source.
  • [-] Fixed bug where global whitelist was not allowing some valid whitelist patterns.

1.06-1 (5 Nov 2017)

  • [*] Updated the application to only display exception backtrace when in development mode.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux where certain package dependencies were not being installed.
  • [-] Disabled sort option for all action columns.
  • [-] Security improvements.

1.05-1 (29 Oct 2017)

  • [+] Added Plesk 17.8 compatibility.
  • [*] Updated the documentation for how to enable ClamAV Third Party Signatures.
  • [-] Fixed email actions dialog mailbox pre-selection and duplicate emails bug.
  • [-] Fixed search highlight issue when searching though logs.
  • [-] Fixed issues with Razor2 and Pyzor when running with SELinux enabled.

1.04-2 (12 Oct 2017)

  • [-] Fixed exception when running the log maintance action.
  • [-] Fixed bugs in some reports.
  • [-] Fixed error when trying to install on Plesk 12.5.
  • [-] Fixed language auto-detection.

1.04-1 (10 Oct 2017)

  • [+] Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection is now a fully compatible Plesk extension with one click install / un-install.
  • [+] Added client side column sorting to all table based reports.
  • [+] Added a cancel button to settings forms.
  • [+] Added trusted hosts option to application settings to protect against host header spoof attacks.
  • [+] Added no frames action to application settings to give users the ability of what to do when the application is loaded without the sidebar.
  • [*] Switched all file management and suexec functions to use Plesks extension APIs.
  • [*] Updated the rules grid to show bottom dialog help on edit.
  • [*] Updated DNS and geolocation vendor classes to latest versions.
  • [*] Updated javascript libraries to their latest versions.
  • [*] Removed email settings pages as they were not currently being used.
  • [*] Security improvements.
  • [-] Fixed bug where scheduled tasks were not running properly.
  • [-] Fixed bug where null coordinates for an IP address would crash the map renderer.
  • [-] Fixed 'pm_Context' not found error when Plesks own internal error logging was enabled.
  • [-] Fixed IP address context menu popup styling in Google Chrome.
  • [-] Fixed bug where grid column chooser was not working properly.
  • [-] Fixed permission issues on Centos 6 for virus_action script.
  • [-] Fixed PHP compatibility, coding errors, and performance improvements using static PHP code inspection tools.

1.03-1 (22 June 2017)

  • [+] Added a mailbox reputation tab to view and manage auto-whitelist / TxRep reputation data.
  • [+] Added mailbox learning and reputation reports for viewing and exporting bayes learning and auto-whitelist / TxRep reputation data.
  • [+] Added a domain quick search to the domains and mailboxes pages.
  • [*] Updated the milter_default_action in postfix config to "accept" so email will never be denied if their is a problem with ClamAV.
  • [*] Updated the spam and virus log searches to not reload the full page when using the sender or recipient search.
  • [*] Changed the spam and virus log default search limit from 1 week to 1 month.
  • [*] Updated select list stying for the reports page.
  • [*] Updated the documentation to include SELinux tasks for creating proper policy exceptions for clamav-milter.

1.02-1 (18 June 2017)

  • [-] Fixed problem with ClamAV configuration parser when saving empty values.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.01-1 (08 June 2017)

  • [+] Added sender and recipient search inputs with autosuggest for easy access when searching though the spam and virus logs.
  • [+] Added learning display for mailboxes so you can see the bayes training details for each mailbox. You can also now reset the learning using the actions tab.
  • [*] Updated jqgrid component to the latest version.
  • [-] Fixed user permissions on virus action script on debian systems.

1.0-1 (02 March 2017)

  • [+] Initial release.