This plugin looks for URLs shortened by a list of URL shortening services. Upon finding a matching URL, plugin will send a HTTP request to the shortening service and retrieve the Location-header which points to the actual shortened URL. It then adds this URL to the list of URIs extracted by SpamAssassin which can then be accessed by uri rules and plugins such as URIDNSBL.


Area Test name Description Default scores
body HAS_SHORT_URL Message has one or more shortened URLs --
body SHORT_URL_REDIR Message has shortened URL that resulted in a valid redirection --
body SHORT_URL_CHAINED Message has shortened URL chained to other shorteners 0.01
body SHORT_URL_MAXCHAIN Message has shortened URL that causes too many redirections --
body SHORT_URL_LOOP Message has short URL that loops back to itself --
body SHORT_URL_200 Message has shortened URL returning HTTP 200 --
body SHORT_URL_404 Message has shortened URL returning HTTP 404 --
body URL_SHORTENER_DISABLED Message contains shortened URL that has been disabled due to abuse 2

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