Filter Settings

General Settings

Max servers - max_servers
The number of pre-forked children created by amavis. Note that each child process will typically use over 150mb of memory.
Default: 2

Max requests - max_requests
The number of requests for an amavis child process before it is retired.
Default: 20

My hostname - myhostname
The hostname of the server. This must be a fully qualified domain name.

My networks - mynetworks
An IP access list which determines if the original SMTP client IP address belongs to our internal networks, i.e. mail is coming from inside. It is much like the Postfix parameter "mynetworks" in semantics and similar in syntax, and its value should normally match the Postfix counterpart.
Default: [::1] [FE80::]/10 [FEC0::]/10

Log Settings

Log level - log_level
The Amavis debugging log level.
Default: 0

Log template - log_templ
The log template used by amavis. Use simple for busy servers or verbose if you want to log more information including matched rule scores.
Default: $log_short_templ

Use syslog - DO_SYSLOG
Enable logging to syslog and the mail log instead of logging to a separate amavisd log file. Extremely busy servers might want to uncheck this so that amavis will log to a seperate log file.
Default: 1

Log file - LOGFILE
The log file to log to when use syslog is disabled.
Default: /var/log/amavisd.log

SpamAssassin debug - sa_debug
A comma seperated list of SpamAssassin plugins to debug. Use "all" to debug all plugins.
Default: info

MTA Interface

Localhost name - localhost_name
The EHLO name used to identify the domain name of the sending host to SMTP.
Default: your hostname

Inet ACL - inet_acl
Allow SMTP access only from these networks.
Default: [::1]

Mail Forwarding

Final spam destiny - final_spam_destiny
The action should be taken when an spam message is found.
Default: D_DISCARD

Final virus destiny - final_virus_destiny
The action should be taken when an virus message is found.
Default: D_DISCARD

Final banned file destiny - final_banned_destiny
The action should be taken when a message with a banned attachment is found.
Default: D_REJECT

Final bad header destiny - final_bad_header_destiny
The action should be taken when a message with bad mail header is found.
Default: D_PASS