This plugin was introduced in Spamassassin 3.4.1.

PDFInfo helps detected spam using attached PDF files.


 _PDFCOUNT_     total number of pdf mime parts in the email
 _PDFIMGCOUNT_  total number of images found inside pdf mime parts
 _PDFVERSION_   PDF Version, space seperated if there are > 1 pdf attachments
 _PDFNAME_      Filenames as found in the mime headers of PDF parts
 _PDFPRODUCER_  Producer/Application that created the PDF(s)
 _PDFAUTHOR_    Author of the PDF
 _PDFCREATOR_   Creator/Program that created the PDF(s)
 _PDFTITLE_     Title of the PDF File, if available
 _PDFIMGDIM_    If PDF Contains images, the dimensions of them will be put here
 _PDFIMGAREA_   The total area of all combined images inside the PDF(s)
 _PDFMD5_       MD5 checksum of PDF(s) - space seperated
 _PDFMD5FUZZY1_ Fuzzy1 MD5 checksum of PDF(s) - space seperated
 _PDFMD5FUZZY2_ Fuzzy2 MD5 checksum of PDF(s) - space seperated


Area Test name Description Default scores
body GMD_PDF_HORIZ Contains pdf 100-240 (high) x 450-800 (wide) 0.25
body GMD_PDF_SQUARE Contains pdf 180-360 (high) x 180-360 (wide) 0.50
body GMD_PDF_VERT Contains pdf 450-800 (high) x 100-240 (wide) 0.90
body GMD_PRODUCER_GPL PDF producer was GPL Ghostscript 0.25
body GMD_PRODUCER_POWERPDF PDF producer was PowerPDF 0.25
body GMD_PRODUCER_EASYPDF PDF producer was BCL easyPDF 0.25
body GMD_PDF_ENCRYPTED Attached PDF is encrypted 0.60
body GMD_PDF_EMPTY_BODY Attached PDF with empty message body 0.25