This plugin requires the Perl Module GeoIP2::Database::Reader.

Blacklist URIs using local information (ISP names, address lists, and country codes). This plugin creates some new rule test types, such as "uri_block_cc", "uri_block_cidr". These rules apply to the URIs found in the HTML portion of a message, i.e. <a href=...> markup.

Why local blacklisting? There are a few excellent, effective, and well-maintained DNSBL's out there. But they have several drawbacks:

  1. blacklists can cover tens of thousands of entries, and you can't select which ones you use
  2. verifying that it's correctly configured can be non-trivial.
  3. New blacklisting entries may take a while to be detected and entered, so it's not instantaneous.

Sometimes all you want is a quick, easy, and very surgical blacklisting of a particular site or a particular ISP. This plugin is defined for that exact usage case.


Area Test name Description Default scores
body URILOCALBL_BAD_COUNTRY Contains an URL from a bad country 3.25
body URILOCALBL_BAD_CIDR Contains an URL from a bad CIDR 3.25
body URILOCALBL_BAD_EXCLUDE Contains an URL excluded from blocking 0

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