ASN Settings

ASN use GeoDB - asn_use_geodb
Use the Mail::SpamAssassin::GeoDB module to lookup ASN numbers. Make sure to set the MaxMind license under Settings -> Geolocation Settings so that the Maxmind ASN database can be downloaded. GeoDB can only set _ASN_ tag, it has no data for _ASNCIDR_. If you need both, then set asn_prefer_geodb 0 so DNS rules are tried.
Default: 1

ASN prefer GeoDB - asn_prefer_geodb
If set, DNS lookups (asn_lookup rules) will not be run if GeoDB successfully finds ASN. Set this to 0 to get _ASNCIDR_ even if GeoDB finds _ASN_.
Default: 1

ASN use DNS - asn_use_dns
Set to 0 to never allow DNS queries.
Default: 1

ASN prefix - asn_prefix
The string specified in the argument is prepended to each ASN when storing it as a tag.
Default: AS

ASN lookup - asn_lookup
Lookup the ASN info in the specified zone for the first external IP address and add the AS number to the first specified tag and routing info to the second specified tag.
Default: empty

ASN lookup IPv6 - asn_lookup_ipv6
Use specified zone for lookups of IPv6 addresses. If zone supports both IPv4 and IPv6 queries, use both asn_lookup and asn_lookup_ipv6 for the same zone.
Default: empty

Clear ASN lookups - clear_asn_lookups
Removes any previously declared asn_lookup entries from a list of queries.
Default: empty

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