• Users can perform quarantine actions by selecting the message then selecting spam, ham, or delete.
• Messages will be automatically pruned after a certain number of days (set by the administrator).
• Messages marked for deletion will be deleted that night.

This is where you can manage quarantined messages.

Column Description
Created The date and time that the message was recieved.
Sender The sender of the message.
Recipient The recipient of the message.
Client addr The last relay client IP address.
Subject The subject of the message. (click to view the content of the message)
Content The content type of the message (spam,virus,banned file,bad header).
Size The size of the mesage.
Spam level The spam score for the message from SpamAssassin.
Detail The name of the virus. (click to view signature information)
Status The release status of the message (new, viewed, released, deleted).
Flag The country flag from the client addr.