Application Settings

The mode of the application. In development mode CSS caching is disabled and a debug toolbar is shown. The development mode is useful when writing plugins.
Default: Production

The color scheme for the application. New themes can be designed using the JQuery theme roller located at:
The themes directory location is PRODUCT_DIR/assets/css/modules/jquery4php/themes/
Default: Auto Detect

The default language of the application.
Default: Auto Detect

Grid rows per page
The default number of rows shown when viewing a grid.
Default: 25

Data set limit
The default data limit for file based data sets.
Default: 5000

No frames action
The action to take when the application is not loaded within its frameset.
Default: Redirect

Dashboard refresh
How often to refresh the dashboard. Default: Redirect

Time format
The time format to use when displaying log information.
Default: 24 hour

Cookie Salt
The salt to be used when storing cookies used by the application. The salt must be between 24 and 64 characters long. Changing the cookie salt will invalidate all previous cookies.

File cache
The current application cache size. Clicking the icon allows you to clear the current cache.