DecodeShortUrls Settings

URL shortener cache type - url_shortener_cache_type
The cache type that is being utilized. High volume servers should use DBI to cache lookups to MariaDB/MySQL.
Default: none

URL shortener cache TTL - url_shortener_cache_ttl
The length of time a cache entry will be valid for in seconds.
Default: 86400

URL shortener cache autoclean - url_shortener_cache_autoclean
Automatically purge old entries from database. The value describes a random run chance of 1/x. The default value of 1000 means that cleaning is run approximately once for every 1000 messages processed. A value of 1 would mean database is cleaned every time a message is processed. Set 0 to disable automatic cleaning and to do it manually.
Default: 1000

URL shortener log info - url_shortener_loginfo
If this option is enabled then short URLs and the decoded URLs will be logged with info priority.
Default: 0

URL shortener timeout - url_shortener_timeout
The maximum time a short URL HTTP request can take, in seconds.
Default: 5

Max short URLs - max_short_urls
The maximum amount of short URLs that will be looked up per message. Chained redirections are not counted, only initial short URLs found.
Default: 10

Max short URL redirections - max_short_url_redirections
The maximum depth of chained redirections that a short URL can generate.
Default: 10

URL shortener user agent - url_shortener_user_agent
The user-agent header for HTTP requests. Some services require it to look like a common browser.
Default: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/101.0.4951.67 Safari/537.36

URL shorteners - url_shortener
Domains that should be considered as an URL shortener. If the domain begins with a ".", 3rd level tld of the main domain will be checked.
Default: empty

URL shorteners use GET method - url_shortener_get
Alias to url_shortener. The HTTP request will be done with with a GET method, instead of the default HEAD. Required for some services like to return blocked URL correctly.
Default: empty

Clear URL shorteners - clear_url_shortener
Clear configured url_shortener and url_shortener_get domains, for example to for example to override default settings from an update channel. If domains are specified, then only those are removed from list.
Default: empty

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