DecodeShortURLs Settings

URL shortener cache - url_shortener_cache
The full path to a database file to write cache entries to. The database will be created automatically if is does not already exist but the supplied path and file must be read/writable by spamd. NOTE: you will need the DBD::SQLite module installed to use this feature.
Default: /tmp/DecodeShortURLs.sq3

URL shortener cache TTL - url_shortener_cache_ttl
The length of time a cache entry will be valid for in seconds.
Default: 86400

URL shortener log - url_shortener_log
The full path to a log file to be written to. The file will be created if it does not already exist and must be writable by spamd.
Default: empty

URL shortener log to syslog - url_shortener_syslog
Log decoded URLs to syslog.
Default: 0

URL shorteners - url_shortener
A list of URL shortener services (one entry per line).
Default: empty