DKIM Settings

DKIM timeout - dkim_timeout
How many seconds to wait for a DKIM query to complete, before scanning continues without the DKIM result. A numeric value is optionally suffixed by a time unit (s, m, h, d, w, indicating seconds (default), minutes, hours, days, weeks).
Default: 5

Welcomelist from DKIM - welcomelist_from_dkim
Works similarly to welcomelist_from, except that in addition to matching an author address (From) to the pattern in the first parameter, the message must also carry a Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) signature made by a signing domain (SDID, i.e. the d= tag) that is acceptable to us. Only one whitelist entry is allowed per line, as in welcomelist_from_rcvd. Multiple welcomelist_from_dkim lines are allowed. File-glob style characters are allowed for the From address (the first parameter), just like with welcomelist_from_rcvd. The second parameter does not accept wildcards. If no signing-domain parameter is specified, the only acceptable signature will be an Author Domain Signature (sometimes called first-party signature) which is a signature where the signing domain (SDID) of a signature matches the domain of the authors address (i.e. the address in a From header field). Since this whitelist requires a DKIM check to be made, network tests must be enabled.
Default: empty

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