Policy Banks

Policy banks are sets of Amavis configurations that are applied to specific email senders. You can set-up policy banks to allow clients on your internal network to bypass Anti-spam/Anti-virus scanning, allowing particular senders to attach files that are banned for other senders, etc.

MYNETS - Mail that originated from your networks. Networks are defined under Warden -> Settings -> Content Filter Settings -> My networks
SUBMISSION - Mail that was sent using the submission or SMTPS services (ports 587 or 465).

Disable spam filter - bypass_spam_checks_maps
Disable the spam filter for this policy bank. Default: 0

Disable virus filter - bypass_virus_checks_maps
Disable the virus filter for this policy bank. Default: 0

Disable banned file filter - bypass_banned_checks_maps
Disable the banned file filter for this policy bank. Default: 0

Disable bad header filter - bypass_header_checks_maps
Disable the bad header filter for this policy bank. Default: 0

Whitelist senders (Spam Filter) - whitelist_sender_maps
Use envelope sender lookups to ensure delivery from whitelisted senders even if the message would be recognized as spam. Effectively, for the specified senders, message recipients temporarily become "spam_lovers". Whitelisted senders also suppresses inserting/editing the tag2-level header fields (X-Spam-*, Subject), appending spam address extension, and quarantining. Note: Whitelisted senders only applies to spam filter checks. All other checks will still be performed.
Default: empty