Rule Updates

Rule Updates

Update Interval - update_interval
How often to check for anti-spam rule updates using the sa-update command.
Default: daily

Update Hour - update_hour
The hour of day to check for anti-spam rule updates.
Default: 3:00

Update Day - update_day
The day to check for anti-spam rule updates. (used for weekly scans).
Default: Sun

Rule Channels - rule_channels
Enable custom rules using third party rule channels. Enabled channel entries are located in the /etc/mail/spamassassin/channel.d/ directory.
You should only enable channels from trusted sources.
Default: none

Rule Channels

Name URL Description
KAM Ruleset Info The KAM ruleset is a set of SpamAssassin rules developed and used by the McGrail Foundation. This ruleset has been in active use and development since May 2004 and provides a significant boost to the performance and efficacy of a stock installation of SpamAssassin.