ExtractText Settings

ExtractText max parts - extracttext_maxparts
The maximum mime parts number to analyze, a value of 0 means all mime parts will be analyzed.
Default: 10

ExtractText timeout - extracttext_timeout
The timeout in seconds of external tool checks, per attachment. The second number speficies maximum total time for all checks.
Default: 5 10

ExtractText use - extracttext_use
Specifies what tool to use for what message parts. The general syntax is name specifiers.

  1. name - the internal name of a tool.
  2. specifiers - File extension and regular expressions for file names and MIME types. The regular expressions are anchored to beginning and end.
    Default: empty

ExtractText external - extracttext_external
The external tool. The tool must read a document on standard input or from a file and write text to standard output. The special keyword {} will be substituted at runtime with the temporary filename to be scanned by the external tool. Environment variables can be defined with {KEY=VALUE}, these strings will be removed from commandline. It is required that commandline used outputs result directly to STDOUT. The general syntax is name command parameters.

  1. name - The internal name of this tool.
  2. command - The full path to the external command to run.
  3. parameters - Parameters for the external command. The temporary file name containing the document will be automatically added as last parameter.
    Default: empty