Signature Updates

DatabaseDirectory - DatabaseDirectory
Path to the database directory. WARNING: It must match the directive in clamd.conf
Default: /var/lib/clamav

PidFile - PidFile
Save a process identifier of the daemon.
Default: /run/

DatabaseOwner - DatabaseOwner
By default when started freshclam drops privileges and switches to the "clamav" user. This directive allows you to change the database owner.
Default: clamupdate

DNSDatabaseInfo - DNSDatabaseInfo
Use DNS to verify virus database version. Freshclam uses DNS TXT records to verify database and software versions. With this directive you can change the database verification domain.

DatabaseMirror - DatabaseMirror
The primary domain name is to be used world-wide. Now that CloudFlare is being used as the Content Delivery Network (CDN), this one domain name works world-wide to direct freshclam to the closest geographic endpoint.

MaxAttempts - MaxAttempts
How many attempts to make before giving up (per mirror).
Default: 3

ScriptedUpdates - ScriptedUpdates
With this option you can control scripted updates. It is highly recommended to keep it enabled.
Default: yes

CompressLocalDatabase - CompressLocalDatabase
By default freshclam will keep the local databases (.cld) uncompressed to make their handling faster. With this option you can enable the compression; the change will take effect with the next database update.
Default: no

DatabaseCustomURL - DatabaseCustomURL
Provide custom sources for database files. Supports http(s)://, ftp(s)://, or file://
Default: empty

PrivateMirror - PrivateMirror
Point freshclam to private mirrors. If PrivateMirror is set, freshclam does not attempt to use DNS to determine whether its databases are out-of-date, instead it will use the If-Modified-Since request or directly check the headers of the remote database files. For each database, freshclam first attempts to download the CLD file. If that fails, it tries to download the CVD file. This option overrides DatabaseMirror, DNSDatabaseInfo and ScriptedUpdates. It can be used multiple times to provide fall-back mirrors.
Default: empty

Checks - Checks
Number of database checks per day (default is every 2 hours).
Default: 12

HTTPProxyServer - HTTPProxyServer
Proxy server hostname.
Default: empty

HTTPProxyPort - HTTPProxyPort
Proxy server port number.
Default: empty

HTTPProxyUsername - HTTPProxyUsername
Proxy server username.
Default: empty

HTTPProxyPassword - HTTPProxyPassword
Proxy server password.
Default: empty

HTTPUserAgent - HTTPUserAgent
Proxy server user agent.
Default: empty

LocalIPAddress - LocalIPAddress
Use aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd as client address for downloading databases. Useful for multi-homed systems.
Default: empty

NotifyClamd - NotifyClamd
Enter the full path to the clamd config. e.g. /path/to/clamd.conf to notify a running clamd to reload its database after a download has occurred. The default is to not notify clamd. When NotifyClamd is not set it will use the SelfCheck interval in clamd.conf instead.
Default: empty

OnUpdateExecute - OnUpdateExecute
Run command after successful database update.
Default: empty

OnErrorExecute - OnErrorExecute
Run command when database update process fails.
Default: empty

OnOutdatedExecute - OnOutdatedExecute
Run command when freshclam reports outdated version.
Default: empty

Foreground - Foreground
Do not fork into background.
Default: no

Debug - Debug
Enable debug messages in libclamav.
Default: no

ConnectTimeout - ConnectTimeout
Timeout in seconds when connecting to database server.
Default: 30

ReceiveTimeout - ReceiveTimeout
Timeout in seconds when reading from database server.
Default: 900

TestDatabases - TestDatabases
When enabled, freshclam will attempt to load new databases into memory to make sure they are properly handled by libclamav before replacing the old ones.
Default: yes

Bytecode - Bytecode
Enable downloading of bytecode.cvd, which includes additional detection mechanisms and improvements to the antivirus engine.
Default: yes

ExtraDatabase - ExtraDatabase
Download an additional 3rd party signature database distributed through the ClamAV mirrors.
Default: empty

Log Settings

UpdateLogFile - UpdateLogFile
Path to the log file. Make sure it has proper permissions.
Default: /var/log/freshclam.log

LogFileMaxSize - LogFileMaxSize
Maximum size of the log file. A value of 0 disabled the limit. You may use M/m for megabytes or K/k for kilobytes.
Default: 1M

LogTime - LogTime
Log the time with each message.
Default: yes

LogVerbose - LogVerbose
Enable verbose logging.
Default: no

LogSyslog - LogSyslog
Use system logger. This can work together with the log file.
Default: no

LogFacility - LogFacility
Specify the type of syslog messages.
Default: LOG_LOCAL6

LogRotate - LogRotate
Enable log rotation. Always enabled when LogFileMaxSize is enabled.
Default: yes

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