This plugin was depricated in favor of the TxRep (Reputation) plugin as of Spamassassin 3.4.1.

This plugin module provides support for the auto-whitelist. It keeps track of the average SpamAssassin score for senders. Senders are tracked using a combination of their From: address and their IP address. It then uses that average score to reduce the variability in scoring from message to message and modifies the final score by pushing the result towards the historical average. This improves the accuracy of filtering for most email.


 _AWL_             AWL modifier
 _AWLMEAN_         Mean score on which AWL modification is based
 _AWLCOUNT_        Number of messages on which AWL modification is based
 _AWLPRESCORE_     Score before AWL


Area Test name Description Default scores
header AWL From: address is in the auto white-list 1

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