Firewall Troubleshooting

CSF firewall scripts have a full command line interface that can be useful for troubleshooting purposes:

csf --help
-h   --help     Display all the CSF command line options
-x,  --disable  Disable csf and lfd completely
-e,  --enable   Enable csf and lfd if previously disabled
-l,  --status   List/Show the IPv4 iptables configuration
-s,  --start    Start the firewall rules
-f,  --stop     Flush/Stop firewall rules (Note: lfd may restart csf)
-r,  --restart  Restart firewall rules

Disable CSF and LFD completely

csf --disable

Enable CSF and LFD if previously disabled

csf --enable

Start the firewall rules

csf --start

Flush/Stop firewall rules

csf --stop

Restart firewall rules

csf --restart

List/Show the IPv4 iptables configuration

csf --status

List/Show the IPv6 ip6tables configuration

csf --status6

Ping all members of the LFD cluster (for testing cluster setup)

csf --cping