LFD Clustering

Cluster send to - CLUSTER_SENDTO
The cluster member IP addresses to send requests to (comma separated).
Default: empty

Cluster receive from - CLUSTER_RECVFROM
The cluster member IP addresses to receive requests from (comma separated).
Default: empty

Cluster master IP address - CLUSTER_MASTER
IP address of the master node in the cluster allowed to send CLUSTER_CONFIG changes.
Default: empty

Public IP of this server (NAT) - CLUSTER_NAT
The public IP address of this server (For servers behind a NAT).
Default: empty

Local IP address to send from - CLUSTER_LOCALADDR
Send requests on an IP other than the default IP
Default: empty

Cluster port - CLUSTER_PORT
The cluster communication port (must be the same on all cluster member servers). There is no need to open this port in the firewall as the firewall will automatically add in and out bound rules to allow communication between cluster members.
Default: 7777

Cluster encryption key - CLUSTER_KEY
The secret key used to encrypt cluster communications using the Blowfish algorithm. It should be between 8 and 56 characters long.
Default: empty

Cluster block - CLUSTER_BLOCK
Automatically send login failure blocks to all members of CLUSTER_SENDTO. Those servers must have this servers IP address listed in their CLUSTER_RECVFROM.
Default: 1 Range: 0-1

Cluster config - CLUSTER_CONFIG
Allow cluster configuration options to be received.
Default: 0 Range: 0-1

Cluster children - CLUSTER_CHILDREN
The maximum number of child processes to listen on. High blocking rates or large clusters may need to increase this.
Default: 10 Range: 1-100