Statistics Settings

Statistics - ST_ENABLE
Enable statistical data gathering.
Default: 1 Range: 0-1

Maximum iptables log lines - ST_IPTABLES
The number of iptables log lines to store for reports.
Default: 100 Range: 10-1000

Lookup rDNS and country codes - ST_LOOKUP
Enable whether reverse DNS and country code lookups are performed at the time the log line is recorded.
Default: 0 Range: 0-1

System statistics - ST_SYSTEM
Enable the gathering of basic system statistics.
Default: 1 Range: 0-1

Maximum system statistics - ST_SYSTEM_MAXDAYS
The maximum number of days to collect system statistics for.
Default: 30 Range: 7-366

Enable MySQL statistics - ST_MYSQL
If ST_SYSTEM is enabled, then these options can collect MySQL statistical data. The perl modules DBI and DBD::mysql are required. To disable this option set to 0.
Default: 0 Range: 0-1

The MySQL username. Any MySQL user account can be used.
Default: admin

MySQL password - ST_MYSQL_PASS
The MySQL password. If the password is left blank and the user set to root then the procedure will look for authentication data in /root/.my.cnf.
Default: empty

MySQL hostname - ST_MYSQL_HOST
The MySQL Hostname.
Default: localhost

Apache statistics - ST_APACHE
If ST_SYSTEM is enabled, then this option can collect Apache statistical data The value for PT_APACHESTATUS must be correctly set.
Default: 0 Range: 0-1

Disk write statistics - ST_DISKW
Enable the measure of disk write performance using dd.
Default: 0 Range: 0-1

Disk write statistics interval - ST_DISKW_FREQ
The number of minutes that elapse between disk write tests.
Default: 5 Range: 1-1440