Group Description
Initial Settings Configure firewall testing, UI security, and auto update settings.
Port Settings Configure incoming and outgoing ipv4 port settings.
General Settings Configure the firewall general settings.
SMTP Settings Block outgoing SMTP except for root, qmail/postfix and mailman.
Port Flood Settings Configure SYN flood, connection limit, and portflood protection.
Logging Settings Configure the logging settings.
Portknocking Settings Configure port knocking ports, protocols, and timeouts.
Port / IP Redirection Configure a list of port and/or IP address assignments to direct traffic to alternative ports/IP addresses.
Disable Server IPs Configure a list of server configured IP addresses for which you do not want to allow any incoming or outgoing traffic.
Firewall Update Check for updates to the iptables firewall.

Login Failure Daemon

Group Description
Login Failure Blocking Configure application specific trigger level blocking and alerts for use by the login failure daemon.
Reporting Settings Configure email alert and X-ARF report settings.
Netblock Settings Configure temporary to permanent IP and network class blocking.
Block Lists & DynDNS Configure global lists, dynamic DNS, and blocklist settings.
Country Settings Block or allow specific countries through the firewall.
Directory Watching Configure the checking of directories for suspicious files.
Tracking Settings Configure tracking of distributed Attacks, logins, connections, processes, port scans and user accounts.
Messenger Service Configure the messenger service to display a message to a blocked IP address.
LFD Clustering Configure a group of servers to share blocks and configuration changes.
Log Scanner Configure an email summary of the log lines of logs.
Statistics Settings Configure server statistics gathering.


Group Description
Syslog Settings Configure the log files that are allowed to be viewed in the system logs area.
RBL Check Settings A list of optional entries for the RBL check.
Binary Locations Configure OS specific binary locations.
Log Locations Configure log file locations for use by the login failure daemon.
Port Settings Configure port settings for use by the login failure daemon.
Debug Settings Configure the login failure daemon debug level.

Web Server

Group Description
Policy Settings Configure the web server access policy settings.
Webmail Policy Configure the webmail access policy.
Policy Migrator Migrate Apache web server access policies.

Panel Application

Group Description
Application Settings Configure the panel application settings.
Geolocation Settings Configure the geolocation database settings.
DNS and DNSBL Settings Configure the DNS and DNS blocklist settings.
Settings Management Import, export or reset application settings.