Geolocation Settings

GeoLite city database
The last time the GeoLite city database (GeoLite2-City.mmdb) was updated.
Default: None

GeoLite country database
The last time the GeoLite country database (GeoIP.dat) was updated.
Default: None

Maxmind license key
The free license key that was generated from Maxmind.
Default: None

Geo database update interval
Automatically update the geolocation database if it is older than this number of days. Set to 0 to disable automatic updates.
Default: 30

Enable internal cache
This option allow you to enable an internal cache for geolocation database lookups.
Default: 1

How to get a MaxMind License Key

It may take up to 15 minutes before a newly created MaxMind license key is recognized. If you get an error with your new key just wait a few minutes then try again.

  1. Signup for the free license key here.
  2. Generate a license key here (When asked - Will this key be used for geoipupdate? Choose: no)
  3. Navigate to Sentinel -> Settings -> Geolocation Settings and enter the license key under MaxMind license key. (It might take 15 minutes before MaxMind will recognise a newly created key)