[+] New Feature
[=] Updated feature
[-] Fixed bug

1.23-1 (09 Aug 2023)

  • [=] Updated the date pickers to use a new date calendar javascript component.
  • [=] Updated some of the javascript libraries to their latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the custom button icons to support the new svg format used in Plesk 18.0.55.
  • [=] Renamed the log maintenance page to database maintenance.
  • [=] Dropped support for Ubuntu 18.04 because it has reached EOL on May 31, 2023. Admins can either migrate to a supported OS using Plesk Migrator or run dist-upgrade to upgrade your Ubuntu 18.04 instance.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the scheduled scan with some specific configurations.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.22-1 (21 May 2023)

  • [+] Added ARM architecture support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • [+] Added support for the new Linux Malware Detect version 1.6.5. The maldet changelog can be found here.
  • [+] Added a view icon in the quarantine area where you can view the source code for each quarantined file.
  • [+] Added the scan_cpulimit and inotify_cpulimit options back now that they are supported again in maldet 1.6.5.
  • [=] Updated the anti-malware monitor ignore defaults. To apply the new settings press the default button under Ignore -> Ignore Monitor.
  • [=] Updated the reports scan path to show the default vhosts even though maldet reports it as empty in the report.
  • [=] Updated the services widget to hide the Anti-virus and Anti-malware services if they have been masked (disabled) from the command line.
  • [=] Installer improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a locale issue parsing madet log entries with umlauts.
  • [-] PHP 8.2 compatibility fixes.

1.21-1 (19 Mar 2023)

  • [=] Updated the services dashboard widget to work with servers that have hardened non-standard permissions.
  • [=] Updated the MaxMind license key validation to work with their new key format.
  • [-] Fixed some style issues on Plesk 18.0.50.

1.20-2 (14 Jan 2023)

  • [-] Licensing fixes.

1.20-1 (01 Jan 2023)

  • [+] Added support for AlmaLinux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.
  • [=] Updated the installer to work better with customized yum repositories.
  • [=] Updated the anti-malware monitor ignore defaults. To apply the new settings press the default button under Ignore -> Ignore Monitor.
  • [=] Updated the documentation for how to sign up for Google web risk monitoring. Google has removed the whitelisting requirement making it much easier to create a Google web risk API key.
  • [=] Installer improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the Google web risk monitoring.
  • [-] PHP 8.2 compatibility fixes.

1.19-2 (31 Oct 2022)

  • [=] Updated the MaxMind DB updater to send a If-Modified-Since header to minimize file transfers.
  • [-] Fixed a regression with the scheduled scan and domain monitor checks.

1.19-1 (03 Oct 2022)

  • [=] Updated the default Anti-virus option ConcurrentDatabaseReload. If a server has less than 8 GB memory it will now default to no to disable concurrent database reloads (which require twice the amount of free memory). We recommend that servers with less than 8 GB of memory uncheck the option ConcurrentDatabaseReload under Settings -> Anti-virus Settings
  • [=] Removed support for Debian 9 as it reached end of life on June 30, 2022.
  • [=] Updated vendor libraries.
  • [-] PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes.

1.18-1 (01 June 2022)

  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • [=] On AlmaLinux/CloudLinux/RockyLinux 8 the installer will exclude the EPEL ImageMagick packages when enabling the EPEL repo as they are not currently compatible with any of Plesk's PHP packages.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.17-1 (18 Mar 2022)

  • [+] Added support for Rocky Linux and Debian 11.
  • [+] Added additional pre-install checks to make sure the server hardware is supported.
  • [+] Added a new malware files report section that users can use to view files easily from the command line.
  • [=] Removed support for Centos 8 as it reached end of life on December 31st, 2021. Centos 8 users should use migration scripts to convert their OS to AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux.
  • [=] Search improvements when filtering though the logs.
  • [=] Updated the button spacing to be locale aware so that verbose locales have more spacing.
  • [=] Updated the installer to patch maldet on Debian/Ubuntu to fix problems starting maldet monitoring.
  • [-] Fixed display issues when viewing quarantined files with different character encodings.
  • [-] Fixed an error when going to the Log Maintenance -> Log Settings page.
  • [-] Fixed an installer issue on CloudLinux 8.5.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.16-1 (09 Jan 2022)

  • [+] Added a new signature provider page under Settings -> Signature Providers where admins can enable third party ClamAV signatures from InterServer. These signatures are focused on detecting malicious PHP scripts. See here for more information.
  • [+] Added signature reload functionality to the signatures dashboard widget.
  • [+] Added syntax highlighting to the malware hits area.
  • [=] Updated the default Anti-virus setting ConcurrentDatabaseReload to be dynamically set based on the system memory. If the system has at least 4 GB memory it will default to yes to allow for non-blocking (multi-threaded/concurrent) database reloads.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus settings ExcludePUA and IncludePUA to be textareas instead of select lists to allow for more granular options.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus setting SelfCheck default from 600 to 3600 to improve performance and optimize how often anti-virus signatures get reloaded.
  • [=] Updated the extension custom button location to display in the left navigation (in both service provider and power user views).
  • [=] Updated the geolocation settings page to not throw an error when first entering the MaxMind license key because new keys can take about 30 minutes before they are recognized.
  • [=] Removed deprecated options from the anti-virus settings pages and updated the online documentation.
  • [=] Removed customer information from the domains select list to make extra space when scanning multiple domains.
  • [-] Fixed the VirusTotal malware search in the quarantine as they changed their search parameters.

1.15-1 (24 Oct 2021)

  • [+] Added an additional pre-install check to make sure that the operating system is supported.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the default PidFile location causing the anti-virus signature service to fail to start after rebooting on Centos/AlmaLinux/RHEL/CloudLinux 8.
  • [-] Fixed a bug when parsing log dates on non-english locales.

1.14-2 (27 June 2021)

  • [=] Updated the ClamAV default pid and socket locations from /var/run/ to /run/ to comply with the Linux filesystem hierarchy standard.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the pre-install OS version check.

1.14-1 (26 Apr 2021)

  • [+] Added support for AlmaLinux 8.3.
  • [=] Removed the SafeBrowsing config option in ClamAV as it is being deprecated. See here for more information.
  • [=] Updated the minimum supported Plesk version to 17.8.11.
  • [=] Updated the jQuery and MaxMind libraries.
  • [=] Dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04.

1.13-1 (11 Apr 2021)

  • [+] Added the ability to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly automated scans (with the real-time monitoring enabled). Sentinel will now perform weekly automated scans by default.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the domain monitoring weekly and monthly intervals not working correctly.

1.12-1 (07 Feb 2021)

  • [+] Added syntax highlighting when viewing quarantined files and when editing Linux Malware Detect config files to make them easier to read.
  • [+] Added the Amavis quarantine directory to the default ignore paths.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the memory check used by the application setup wizard.
  • [-] French translation fixes. Thanks Cyril!

1.11-2 (09 Dec 2020)

  • [-] Fixed some bugs when the time format was set to 12 hours.
  • [-] Centos 8.3.2011 repository fixes.

1.11-1 (08 Nov 2020)

  • [+] Added CloudLinux 8 support.
  • [=] Deprecated support for Debian 8.
  • [=] Updated the malware hits dashboard widget to search the quarantine by filename instead of full path.

1.10-1 (01 Oct 2020)

  • [+] Added the anti-virus signature service to the dashboard on Centos/RHEL 8.
  • [+] Added the new ClamAV 0.103.0 option ConcurrentDatabaseReload with a default of no to save on RAM.
  • [+] Added the ability to set the hour of day when the domain monitoring check is done. This allows you to use the same Web Risk API key across multiple servers without running into hourly API limits.
  • [+] Added additional checks to the installer to make sure that the ClamAV signatures are downloaded before we try to start the ClamAV daemon the first time.
  • [=] Updated the default pid file location for the freshclam service to fix permission errors in the log.
  • [=] Updated the services order in the services dashboard widget.
  • [=] Updated the log parsers to handle the new date format used in the upcoming Linux Malware Detect 1.6.5.
  • [-] Removed the scan_cpulimit and inotify_cpulimit options due to bugs in their current implementation.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where incorrect line endings were used for the default template for monitoring paths. This would prevent maldet from starting in monitoring paths mode.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.09-1 (22 Aug 2020)

  • [+] Added the ability to set the Google Web Risk API key using the CLI interface.
  • [+] Added the domain monitoring page to the setup wizard so people do not forget to get their Web Risk API key.
  • [=] Updated the API key signup links to point to our documentation as so that we can provide clear instructions as to how to sign up for each key.
  • [=] Updated the htmlpurifier library to the latest version.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the license key validation would fail for the admin and pro editions when using the CLI interface.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the application was not able to determine the servers timezone on some systems.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.08-1 (02 Aug 2020)

  • [+] Added a time format option under Settings -> Application Settings giving administrators the ability to choose between 12 and 24 hour date display for logs.
  • [+] Added a command line interface for the setup wizard so admins can automate installation and configuration using tools like ansible. See here for more information.
  • [=] Updated the Web Risk API endpoint to use the v1 API now that it is out of beta.
  • [=] Security improvements.

1.07-3 (14 Jun 2020)

  • [=] Updated the trusted hosts to allow the new Plesk URL format without port number for logging in.
  • [=] Updated the logs area to use the same icon to speed up loading of the page.
  • [-] ClamAV config file parser bug fixes and improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the users remote IP address was not being reported properly when logged in the new Plesk URL format without a port number.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown when no nameserver entries were found in /etc/resolv.conf.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the antivirus restart button was not working properly when whitelisting a virus signature.

1.07-2 (17 Mar 2020)

  • [=] Licensing improvements.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on Centos 8 that prevented the maldet monitoring service from starting when SELinux was enabled.

1.07-1 (05 Mar 2020)

  • [+] Added custom button entry points to Sentinel Anti-malware under Tools & Settings -> Security and Domains -> Domain name.
  • [+] Added a back button to the domains grid so you can go back to the Plesk domain page when entering from the domain custom button.
  • [=] Updated the apps custom buttons to use the Plesk extension CustomButtons hooks.
  • [=] Updated the installer tasks and custom buttons to be localized.
  • [=] Updated the application to automatically load the sidebar and redirect you to the correct page when opening multiple tabs.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout option from 30 to 0 (infinite). The ReceiveTimeout had caused needless database update failures for users with slower internet connections.
  • [=] Updated UI notice styles to match Plesk 18.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout was not being shown properly.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the installer where the progress bar and next button would sometimes not update.
  • [-] Fixed some bugs and memory leaks when the dashboard would auto refresh. The dashboard will be reset due to changes in this version.

1.06-2 (21 Jan 2020)

  • [-] Fixed a bug in the error message for the repo check during the application setup wizard when told to exclude conflicting ClamAV packages.
  • [-] Licensing bug fixes and improvements.

1.06-1 (01 Jan 2020)

  • [+] Added the option of not installing the ClamAV anti-virus packages during the application setup. Scanning will then use Linux Malware Detects own built-in engine. This allows Sentinel to be used on servers with limited memory.
  • [+] Added Hungarian, Swedish, and Turkish machine translations. Contact us if you are a native speaker and would like to help out fixing any errors.
  • [+] Added a Maxmind license key option under the Geolocation Settings page now that Maxmind requires that you signup for a free license key to download their Geolite2 databases. More information:
  • [=] Updated the application setup wizard to re-run the pre-install system checks before running the installer.
  • [=] Updated the Trusted Hosts option to allow for accessing the panel without the Plesk port number.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to apply theme and locale changes instantly when the page is saved.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to reset the dashboard layout when the locale is changed so that the locale titles will reflect the changes.
  • [-] Translation and localization fixes for some javascript components.
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

1.05-1 (24 Oct 2019)

  • [+] Added initial support for Centos 8, Debian 10, and Ubuntu 19.04.
  • [+] Added an auto refresh to the dashboard page. The interval is controlled under Settings -> Application Settings -> Dashboard refresh interval
  • [+] Added localized Plesk extension descriptions.
  • [=] Updated the minimum total memory pre-install check to 2 GB now that Plesk Obsidian uses more memory.
  • [=] Updated the grid column headers to wrap to handle more verbose languages.
  • [=] Updated the installer to restart the clamav-freshclam service on Debian/Ubuntu so that the signatures have time to download before trying to start ClamAV.
  • [=] Updated the Google Safe Browsing API to the new Web Risk API now that the old API is being deprecated for commercial use. A new API key is required.
  • [=] Updated the scan action on the domains page to be the first action.
  • [-] Setup wizard improvements and bug fixes.
  • [-] Fixed installer bugs on RHEL/Cloudlinux servers.
  • [-] Fixed style issues on Plesk Obsidian GA.
  • [-] Fixed a potential loop in the setup wizard when the application settings Trusted Hosts option was accidentally reset.

1.04-2 (24 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added a minimum Plesk update check to the pre-installer.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the service status would not show properly on some systems running hardened kernels.

1.04-1 (13 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added support for Plesk Obsidian 18.
  • [+] Added support for the Plesk skins and color schemes extension with all the default themes supported.
  • [+] Added a scan individually option to the scan page allowing you launch a separate scan for each domain.
  • [+] Added a customer alert option to the domains and scan page allowing you to send an alert to the customer at scan time. (The alert is sent out only if malware is detected).
  • [+] Added slack_alert, slack_subj, slack_token, slack_channels options under the anti-malware settings page.
  • [+] Added additional checks for the anti-virus TemporaryDirectory setting to make sure that the directory is writable by the anti-virus service.
  • [+] Added default_monitor_mode support under monitoring settings. Users mode is now the default monitoring mode used for new installs.
  • [+] Added new default entries to monitor paths. To apply the new settings press the default button under the monitor paths page.
  • [+] Added new default ignore entries to monitor ignore. To apply the new settings press the default button under the monitor ignore page.
  • [+] Added additional validation to make sure that quarantine_hits is not enabled when using the string_length_scan option.
  • [+] Added the ability to cancel running scans directly from the dashboard.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that we are not trying to install on a future unsupported OS.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that you can not install the extension if your server does not have enough free memory in order to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added MaxScanTime option that was introduced in ClamAV 0.101.4 under Scanning Limits.
  • [=] Updated the services widget to show the uptime, CPU usage, and memory usage of each service.
  • [=] Updated the scan processes to display parent and child processes in a tree view. Users can click on a parent process to view its children.
  • [=] Updated the inotify_cpunice, inotify_ionice, inotify_cpulimit monitoring settings to all use the new select2 dropdowns.
  • [=] Updated the default values for inotify_minuid and quarantine_suspend_user_minuid to 10000 (The minimum UID used when Plesk creates system users).
  • [=] Updated the configuration parser so it will add missing options if they don't exist in the config file when saving.
  • [=] Updated the names for import_sigs_md5_url and import_sigs_hex_url options to import_custsigs_md5_url and import_custsigs_hex_url.
  • [=] Updated the javascript libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the PHP vendor libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the log anti-virus log pages to be merged with their main settings pages.
  • [=] Updated the default option for DataBaseMirror to be now that the ClamAV mirrors are using Cloudflare.
  • [=] Updated the cancel running processes action to also kill all child processes.
  • [=] Improved the service status detection used by the dashboard services widget.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the scan processes detection was only reporting clamscan but not clamdscan processes.
  • [-] Fixed style problems when using custom skins.

1.03-1 (15 Apr 2019)

  • [+] Added a signature management tool when clicking on the malware column in the quarantine log. You can whitelist or decode virus signatures using it.
  • [+] Added the ability to do scans directly from the domains page or select multiple domains and send them to the scan page to run advanced scans.
  • [+] Added a notice when trying to start the anti-virus service if the server does not have enough free memory to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from rpmforge/repoforge are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [+] Added an intelligent search to the top right of each page for searching though the quarantine or log files.
  • [+] Added restore action button for each row in the quarantine area allowing you to quickly restore a single file.
  • [+] Added cron_prune_days and cron_daily_scan options under the anti-malware settings page.
  • [+] Added quarantine_on_error option to the quarantine settings page.
  • [+] Added a domain actions menu when clicking on the domain name on the domains grid.
  • [+] Added a customer select list when selecting a customer email for the report email action.
  • [+] Added customer and company columns to the domains page.
  • [+] Added a scan path column to the reports page.
  • [+] Added a clean operation to the malware actions tab when clicking on a report.
  • [+] Added new search filters to the domains and reports grids.
  • [+] Added checks during install / upgrades to make sure that maldet monitoring is not running in user mode and that the maldet monitoring service is restarted.
  • [+] Added validation to make sure that the user or group exists when using scan_ignore_user or scan_ignore_group.
  • [=] Updated the installer to use Linux Malware Detect version 1.6.4.
  • [=] Updated the amount of time to wait when refreshing the services dashboard widget to give it enough time for the ClamAV daemon to fully restart.
  • [=] Updated the free memory requirements for ClamAV 0.101.0 to at least 600 MB.
  • [=] Updated the action log to include location and flag columns.
  • [=] Updated the reports dialog to be wider when viewing a report.
  • [=] Updated the domains, scan log, and reports grids to highlight rows that have hits in red.
  • [=] Updated the Ignore Signatures page help to tell the user how to ignore all variants of a specific virus signature.
  • [=] Updated the scan page to include options for overriding default scan settings.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the log maintenance settings were not being saved and loaded from the database.
  • [-] Fixed missing help popup information for the new ClamAV 0.101.0 options.
  • [-] Fixed bug where you would get logged out of the application before the session timeout period.
  • [-] Fixed bug not being able to view or edit the malware source in the secure iframe in the quarantine area.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the pattern search for the scan log was not returning complete search results.
  • [-] Fixed bug where enabling the quarantine clean option was not automatically enabling the quarantine hits option.
  • [-] German translation fixes. Thanks Dennis!

1.02-1 (25 Dec 2018)

  • [+] Added ClamAV 0.101.0 support.
  • [+] Added a quarantine area for managing quarantined files. View, edit, delete, or download quarantined files or restore them to their original location if desired.
  • [+] Added a quarantine dashboard widget.
  • [+] Added a monitoring restart button to all the anti-malware settings pages.
  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
  • [+] Added a clickable link for the domain on the domain monitoring page to run a scan.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from Immunify360 are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [=] Updated the scan reports accordion to expand all by default.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux systems where /proc was not accessible to determine if the system was running systemd or sysvinit.

1.01-2 (25 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that atomic ClamAV packages are excluded.
  • [=] Updated the installer to include the ed package required by Linux Malware Detect log pruning.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set the default_monitor_mode setting better.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the text highlight function would sometimes break html output.
  • [-] Fixed cleanup function used by the installer.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.

1.01-1 (06 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added Plesk Onyx 17.9 support.
  • [+] Added service monitoring entries if the Watchdog extension is installed.
  • [+] Added a default ignore for the clamav signature directory as it can trigger false positives.
  • [=] Updated the un-installer to not remove the ClamAV packages if Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection is installed.
  • [=] Updated the installer to install Linux Malware Detect 1.6.3 by default.
  • [=] Updated the installer to raise the inotify.max_user_watches if not already set.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set the default_monitor_mode in conf.maldet.
  • [=] Updated the default linux malware detect autoupdate_version setting from 1 to 0.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the ExtraDatabase option was being used instead of DatabaseCustomURL for the PHP Malware Signatures preventing them from being downloaded.
  • [-] Fixed a slow Domain monitoring SQL query used for the grid by adding a combined index.
  • [-] Fixed the installer to call the linux malware detect install script using bash instead of sh.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed license error when servers were running with NO_ZERO_DATE enabled in MySQL.
  • [-] Fixed anti-malware help links.

1.00-2 (20 Aug 2018)

  • [-] Fixed free trial licensing bug.

1.0-1 (04 Aug 2018)

  • [+] Initial release.