[+] New Feature
[=] Updated feature
[-] Fixed bug

1.03-1 (15 Apr 2019)

  • [+] Added a signature management tool when clicking on the malware column in the quarantine log. You can whitelist or decode virus signatures using it.
  • [+] Added the ability to do scans directly from the domains page or select multiple domains and send them to the scan page to run advanced scans.
  • [+] Added a notice when trying to start the anti-virus service if the server does not have enough free memory to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from rpmforge/repoforge are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [+] Added an intelligent search to the top right of each page for searching though the quarantine or log files.
  • [+] Added restore action button for each row in the quarantine area allowing you to quickly restore a single file.
  • [+] Added cron_prune_days and cron_daily_scan options under the anti-malware settings page.
  • [+] Added quarantine_on_error option to the quarantine settings page.
  • [+] Added a domain actions menu when clicking on the domain name on the domains grid.
  • [+] Added a customer select list when selecting a customer email for the report email action.
  • [+] Added customer and company columns to the domains page.
  • [+] Added a scan path column to the reports page.
  • [+] Added a clean operation to the malware actions tab when clicking on a report.
  • [+] Added new search filters to the domains and reports grids.
  • [+] Added checks during install / upgrades to make sure that maldet monitoring is not running in user mode and that the maldet monitoring service is restarted.
  • [+] Added validation to make sure that the user or group exists when using scan_ignore_user or scan_ignore_group.
  • [=] Updated the installer to use Linux Malware Detect version 1.6.4.
  • [=] Updated the amount of time to wait when refreshing the services dashboard widget to give it enough time for the ClamAV daemon to fully restart.
  • [=] Updated the free memory requirements for ClamAV 0.101.0 to at least 600 MB.
  • [=] Updated the action log to include location and flag columns.
  • [=] Updated the reports dialog to be wider when viewing a report.
  • [=] Updated the domains, scan log, and reports grids to highlight rows that have hits in red.
  • [=] Updated the Ignore Signatures page help to tell the user how to ignore all variants of a specific virus signature.
  • [=] Updated the scan page to include options for overriding default scan settings.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the log maintenance settings were not being saved and loaded from the database.
  • [-] Fixed missing help popup information for the new ClamAV 0.101.0 options.
  • [-] Fixed bug where you would get logged out of the application before the session timeout period.
  • [-] Fixed bug not being able to view or edit the malware source in the secure iframe in the quarantine area.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the pattern search for the scan log was not returning complete search results.
  • [-] Fixed bug where enabling the quarantine clean option was not automatically enabling the quarantine hits option.
  • [-] German translation fixes. Thanks Dennis!

1.02-1 (25 Dec 2018)

  • [+] Added ClamAV 0.101.0 support.
  • [+] Added a quarantine area for managing quarantined files. View, edit, delete, or download quarantined files or restore them to their original location if desired.
  • [+] Added a quarantine dashboard widget.
  • [+] Added a monitoring restart button to all the anti-malware settings pages.
  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
  • [+] Added a clickable link for the domain on the domain monitoring page to run a scan.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from Immunify360 are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [=] Updated the scan reports accordion to expand all by default.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux systems where /proc was not accessible to determine if the system was running systemd or sysvinit.

1.01-2 (25 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that atomic ClamAV packages are excluded.
  • [=] Updated the installer to include the ed package required by Linux Malware Detect log pruning.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set the default_monitor_mode setting better.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the text highlight function would sometimes break html output.
  • [-] Fixed cleanup function used by the installer.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.

1.01-1 (06 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added Plesk Onyx 17.9 support.
  • [+] Added service monitoring entries if the Watchdog extension is installed.
  • [+] Added a default ignore for the clamav signature directory as it can trigger false positives.
  • [=] Updated the un-installer to not remove the ClamAV packages if Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection is installed.
  • [=] Updated the installer to install Linux Malware Detect 1.6.3 by default.
  • [=] Updated the installer to raise the inotify.max_user_watches if not already set.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set the default_monitor_mode in conf.maldet.
  • [=] Updated the default linux malware detect autoupdate_version setting from 1 to 0.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the ExtraDatabase option was being used instead of DatabaseCustomURL for the PHP Malware Signatures preventing them from being downloaded.
  • [-] Fixed a slow Domain monitoring SQL query used for the grid by adding a combined index.
  • [-] Fixed the installer to call the linux malware detect install script using bash instead of sh.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed license error when servers were running with NO_ZERO_DATE enabled in MySQL.
  • [-] Fixed anti-malware help links.

1.00-2 (20 Aug 2018)

  • [-] Fixed free trial licensing bug.

1.0-1 (04 Aug 2018)

  • [+] Initial release.