Scanning Schedule

Scan Interval - scan_interval
How often to scan all your domains for malware. This schedule will only take precidence when the real-time anti-malware monitoring is running. If the real-time monitoring is disabled then scanning will fall back to the daily scan used by the maldet cron entry. Schedulled scans will always run with auto quarantine disabled to prevent false positives from damaging a website.
Default: Weekly

Scan hour - scan_hour
The hour of day to scan all your domains for malware.
Default: 1:00

scan day - scan_day
The day to scan all your domains for malware (only used for weekly scans).
Default: Sun

Skip if scan running - skip_running_scan
Do not run a scan if a scan is already running. This will prevent the schedular from starting multiple scans which may have not completed yet.
Default: true

Files created / modified last - days
Scan files created/modified in the last number of days. Default: 7