Domain Monitoring

A single API key can make requests for up to 10,000 clients per 24-hour period.

Google Safe Browsing API key - api_key
The Google Safe Browing API key. The API key is restricted to 10,000 domain checks per 24 hours. Read more:
Default: empty

Connection timeout - connection_timeout
The amount of time to wait for before timing out when connecting to the Google Safe Browsing API.
Default: 10

Check interval - check_interval
How often to automatically check all your domains using the Google Safe Browsing API.
Default: daily

How to get a Google Safe Browsing API key

  1. Access Google Developers Console.
  2. Login using your Google account and Create a new Project, unless you already have one created. Add a project name and click on the Create button (wait a few moments after you click the create button to load your project, otherwise you can manually select it).
  3. Select API Manager.
  4. Search for the Safe Browsing API, access it and click on the Enable button.
  5. Next click on Credentials from the left panel.
  6. Select the Create credentials drop-down, then choose API key.
  7. Copy the provided key and paste it into Sentinel Anti-malware -> Settings -> Domain Monitoring > Google Safe Browsing API key field.

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