The license area allows you to enter in your products license key for validation. The application does two types of checks – local and remote. The remote checks will contact our licensing servers to validate your product license.

In the event that the remote connection fails, either due to your server being down or a firewall blocking the connection, it falls back to the local key licensing method which is a time limited encrypted key stored on the users server for use in the event of a remote check failure. This local key is updated every time a remote check is successful and ensures that you will not be locked out of your software should your server be down temporarily for any reason.

• On activation the license is locked to your servers IP address. If this changes you can reissue your license directly though the Danami client area.
• The remote check uses port 443 to communicate with our licensing servers so you must make sure that this port is allowed through the firewall for both incoming and outgoing connections.
• The local key is valid for 30 days and gets updated every time a valid remote check is performed.
• After 15 days of the local key expiring without connecting to the licensing server access to the application will be blocked.

Connection problems

You can run the following command to see if your server can connect to the licensing server. You should get a response of Verify return code: 0 (ok) if the connection was successful.

openssl s_client -connect

If you get the error:

openssl s_client -connect - returns:
socket: Bad file descriptor

Make sure that you aren't blocking the licensing server IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6 2607:5300:60:2106::. Imunify360 is known to block our server IPs for some reason.