Getting Started

Configure the Extension Interface Language

Most of the non-english language files are currently machine translated. You can change the interface language under Settings -> Application Settings -> Locale. We are currently looking for translators to fix any of the errors in the translations. If you are a native speaker of the language and want to help out then open a support ticket though our client area.

Run a scan

Make sure when running your first scan that automatic quarantine is disabled so that you can work out any false positives.

  1. Navigate to Scan tab then select all server from the domain dropdown.
  2. Press the scan button to scan the path for malware.
  3. After the scan is complete you can view the report under the Reports tab. Click on malware hits to view what was detected.
  4. If malware was found you can choose to quarantine it by clicking on the Actions tab when clicking on the scan report.

Get a Web Risk API key

The Web Risk API is free for up to 100,000 API calls per month.

  1. Access Google Developers Console.
  2. Login using your Google account and Create a new Project, unless you already have one created. Add a project name and click on the Create button (wait a few moments after you click the create button to load your project, otherwise you can manually select it).
  3. Select API Manager.
  4. Search for the Web Risk API, access it and click on the Enable button.
  5. Next click on Credentials from the left panel.
  6. Select the Create credentials drop-down, then choose API key.
  7. Copy the provided key and paste it into Sentinel Anti-malware -> Settings -> Domain Monitoring > Web Risk API key field.
  8. Go to Sentinel Anti-malware -> Domains and select all your domains then press the "check" button to check if any of your domains are blacklisted.

More information can be found at:

You can choose who gets domain monitoring alerts under Tools & Settings -> Notifications -> Sentinel Anti-malware domain monitoring alert

Get a MaxMind License Key

Sentinel uses the GeoLite2 databases from MaxMind. MaxMind requires that you signup to get a free license key from them in order to download and use their geolocation databases:

  1. Signup for the free license key here.
  2. Generate a license key here (When asked - Will this key be used for geoipupdate? Choose: no)
  3. Navigate to Sentinel Anti-malware -> Settings -> Geolocation Settings and enter the license key under MaxMind license key.