• This plugin was introduced in Spamassassin 3.4.1. • This plugin requires the Perl Module GeoIP2::Database::Reader (Spamassassin 3.4.2 or newer) or GeoIP (Spamassassin 3.4.1).

Blacklist URIs using local information (ISP names, address lists, and country codes). This plugin creates some new rule test types, such as "uri_block_cc", "uri_block_cidr". These rules apply to the URIs found in the HTML portion of a message, i.e. <a href=...> markup.

Why local blacklisting? There are a few excellent, effective, and well-maintained DNSBL's out there. But they have several drawbacks:

  1. blacklists can cover tens of thousands of entries, and you can't select which ones you use
  2. verifying that it's correctly configured can be non-trivial.
  3. New blacklisting entries may take a while to be detected and entered, so it's not instantaneous.

Sometimes all you want is a quick, easy, and very surgical blacklisting of a particular site or a particular ISP. This plugin is defined for that exact usage case.


Area Test name Description Default scores
body URILOCALBL_BAD_COUNTRY Contains an URL from a bad country 3.25
body URILOCALBL_BAD_CIDR Contains an URL from a bad CIDR 3.25
body URILOCALBL_BAD_EXCLUDE Contains an URL excluded from blocking 0

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