This plugin requires the Perl Module GeoIP2::Database::Reader (Spamassassin 3.4.2 or newer) or GeoIP (Spamassassin 3.4.1 or older).


The RelayCountry plugin attempts to determine the domain country codes of each relay used in the delivery path of messages and add that information to the message metadata as "X-Relay-Countries", or the _RELAYCOUNTRY_ header markup. This will add metadata to the Bayesian filtering process, allowing the Bayesian filters to learn information based on countries. Private IPs are marked with ** (two asterisks) and IPs not found in database are marked with XX.




Area Test name Description Default scores
header RELAYCOUNTRY_BAD relay server in the list of bad countries 3.25
header RELAYCOUNTRY_GOOD relay server in the list of good countries -0.5

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