Anti-spam Milter

Anti-spam Milter

The Spamassassin milter used for scanning mail is a high performance before-queue milter meaning you are able to reject SPAM mails in the outgoing SMTP stage before they are accepted by the mail server.


  • The Spamassassin milter automatically logs all detected spam to the Warden database log.
  • Supports setting a different global outgoing required score different from the users incoming score.
  • Supports options for scanning outgoing SMTP or Non-SMTP email (sendmail binary).
  • Set a custom message to provide realtime feedback to users that their email has been blocked.
  • Choose to tag outgoing email or not alter the message at all and just log it to the database.
  • Supports ignoring SMTP auth senders or specific networks from outgoing scannning.

What is a Milter?

Milter (short for mail filter) is an extension to the widely used open source mail transfer agent Postfix. It allows administrators to add mail filters for filtering spam or viruses in the mail-processing chain. More information about Postfix milters can be found here:

Related Files

File Description
/etc/sysconfig/spamass-milter Configuration file for spamass-milter on Centos / RHEL
/etc/default/spamass-milter Configuration file for spamass-milter on Debian / Ubuntu