[+] New Feature
[=] Updated feature
[-] Fixed bug

1.18-2 (17 Mar 2020)

  • [=] Licensing improvements.
  • [=] Updated the uninstaller to make sure that plugins not supported by the default SpamAssassin on Centos8 are disabled when Warden is uninstalled.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on Centos 8 that prevented the clamav packages from being installed properly.
  • [-] Dutch translation fixes. Thanks Jurgen!

1.18-1 (05 Mar 2020)

  • [+] Added a custom button entry point to Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection under Tools & Settings -> Mail and Domains -> Domain name.
  • [+] Added a back button to the domains grid so you can go back to the Plesk domain page when entering from the domain custom button.
  • [=] Updated the apps custom buttons to use the Plesk extension CustomButtons hooks.
  • [=] Updated the installer tasks and custom buttons to be localized.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout option from 30 to 0 (infinite). The ReceiveTimeout had caused needless database update failures for users with slower internet connections.
  • [=] Updated UI notice styles to match Plesk 18.
  • [=] Updated the domains grid so it will show subdomains as Plesk allows for mail accounts for subdomains.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Signature Updates ReceiveTimeout was not being shown properly.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the installer where the progress bar and next button would sometimes not update.
  • [-] Fixed some bugs and memory leaks when the dashboard would auto refresh. The dashboard will be reset due to changes in this version.

1.17-2 (21 Jan 2020)

  • [+] Added a "Mailbox full" option to the message select list under the reject log so users can filter by that reject message.
  • [=] Updated the default value for the FromNameSpoof plugin fns_extrachars option from 5 to 50.
  • [=] Updated the ResourceLimits plugin to not be enabled by default.
  • [=] Updated the RelayCountry country_db_path and URILocalBL uri_country_db_path plugin options to not set the location of the geo database if the database file does not exist.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the error message for the repo check during the application setup wizard when told to exclude conflicting ClamAV packages.
  • [-] Licensing bug fixes and improvements.

1.17-1 (01 Jan 2020)

  • [+] Added the option of not installing the ClamAV anti-virus packages during the application setup. This allows Warden to be used with any anti-virus product or on a server with limited memory.
  • [+] Added the option of installing the latest Danami SpamAssassin packages during the application setup. This allows Centos/RHEL/Cloudlinux users to use the very latest SpamAssassin (3.4.3) with Warden instead of the legacy version that comes with their distribution.
  • [+] Added the option of enabling the X-PHP-Originating-Script header to all PHP instances during the application setup. This allows Warden to track what PHP script an email was sent from.
  • [+] Added long email address handling to the log grids. Long emails like the ones used for bounced messages will be truncated by the first part of their mail name.
  • [+] Added a Maxmind license key option under the Geolocation Settings page now that Maxmind requires that you signup for a free license key to download their Geolite2 databases. More information:
  • [+] Added additional TLDs to the bad TLD rule template.
  • [+] Added a "Blocked by SpamAssassin" option to the message select list under the reject log so users can filter out outgoing messages rejected by the anti-spam milter.
  • [+] Added a queue id search, client IP, client RDNS, and flag columns to the reject log grid.
  • [=] Removed the autolearn column from the spam log to make room for other columns. You can still add it back using the columns chooser if you need it.
  • [=] Updated the grid country flag icon to return the full location as the title instead of just the country code when hovering your mouse over it.
  • [=] Updated the recipient envelope handling for the spam log to properly log spammers abusing Envelope-To headers.
  • [=] Updated the application setup wizard to re-run the pre-install system checks before running the installer.
  • [=] Updated the defaults values for olemacro_num_zip, olemacro_max_file, and olemacro_skip_ctypes to reflect the recent changes in SpamAssassin 3.4.3.
  • [=] Updated the Trusted Hosts option to allow for accessing the panel without the Plesk port number.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Milter settings reject_score option to allow values of -1 so that mail will be rejected when it reaches the required score.
  • [=] Updated the country and reports select lists to be sorted alphabetically in any interface language.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to apply theme and locale changes instantly when the page is saved.
  • [=] Updated the application setting page to reset the dashboard layout when the locale is changed so that the locale titles will reflect the changes.
  • [-] Italian translation fixes. Thanks Fabio!
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

1.16-2 (21 Nov 2019)

  • [+] Added Hungarian, Swedish, and Turkish machine translations. Contact us if you are a native speaker and would like to help out fixing any errors.
  • [=] Updated the name of the OLEMacro plugin to be OLEVBMacro to reflect the changes in SpamAssassin 3.4.3 RC6.
  • [=] UI spacing changes to accommodate more verbose languages.
  • [=] Updated the OLEVBMacro rule default values.
  • [-] Fixed a forbidden error when a customer would try to access the extension and the trusted hosts would not match.
  • [-] Fixed a bug in the Polish translations which caused a fatal error.
  • [-] Translation and localization fixes for some javascript components.

1.16-1 (24 Oct 2019)

  • [+] Added initial support for Centos 8, Debian 10, and Ubuntu 19.04.
  • [+] Added an auto refresh to the dashboard page. The interval is controlled under Settings -> Application Settings -> Dashboard refresh interval
  • [+] Added localized Plesk extension descriptions.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer RHEL/Centos (perl-NetAddr-IP, perl-Net-SSLeay) Debian/Ubuntu (libnetaddr-ip-perl, libcrypt-ssleay-perl).
  • [+] Added additional validation to the dns_servers option under Network Settings to make sure that people were not trying to use hostnames.
  • [+] Added Command rejected option to the message select list on the mail reject page.
  • [+] Added a Header - Received - Matches - Hostname template to the Rules page.
  • [=] Updated the minimum total memory pre-install check to 2 GB now that Plesk Obsidian uses more memory.
  • [=] Updated the grid column headers to wrap to handle more verbose languages.
  • [=] Updated the installer to restart the clamav-freshclam service on Debian/Ubuntu so that the signatures have time to download before trying to start ClamAV.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the Antivirus signatures dashboard widget would report unknown for the version number.
  • [-] Setup wizard improvements and bug fixes.
  • [-] Fixed installer bugs on RHEL/Cloudlinux servers.
  • [-] Fixed style issues on Plesk Obsidian GA.
  • [-] Polish translation fixes. Thanks Maciej!

1.15-2 (24 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added a minimum Plesk update check to the pre-installer.
  • [=] Removed support for Ubuntu 14 and Debian 7 now that Plesk is no longer providing updates for them.
  • [-] Fixed a bug where the service status would not show properly on some systems running hardened kernels.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on legacy Plesk versions where the Plesk event handlers were not getting setup properly.

1.15-1 (13 Sep 2019)

  • [+] Added support for Plesk Obsidian 18.
  • [+] Added support for the Plesk skins and color schemes extension with all the default themes supported.
  • [+] Added additional checks for the TemporaryDirectory option to make sure that the directory is writable by the Anti-virus and Anti-virus Milter services.
  • [+] Added spam and virus filter permissions for customers and resellers.
  • [+] Added a virus filter option to mailbox settings to allow users the ability to control how virus scanning is to be performed (any, incoming, outgoing, or none).
  • [+] Added the ability to download the GeoLite2 country database under Geolocation Settings for versions of SpamAssassin that do not support the GeoLite2 City database.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer: RHEL/Centos (ImageMagick tesseract perl-Net-LibIDN) Debian/Ubuntu (imagemagick tesseract-ocr libnet-libidn-perl).
  • [+] Added support for scoring image based spam using the new TesseractOcr plugin.
  • [+] Added support for the new OLEMacro plugin included in SpamAssassin 3.4.3.
  • [+] Added support for the new Spamhaus data query service plugin (free for non-commercial / paid for commercial use).
  • [+] Added mimeheader support to the rules page with templates to score bad attachments.
  • [+] Added report_charset option to the Anti-spam settings page. This option can fix problems when umlaut and accents are not showing up properly in the spam log.
  • [+] Added country_db_type and country_db_path options to the RelayCountry plugin page.
  • [+] Added uri_country_db_path option to the URILocalBL plugin page.
  • [+] Added additional checks on the anti-spam plugins page so you can not enable a plugin if a required binary does not exist.
  • [+] Added Plesk event handlers to make sure that any anti-virus whitelists are always correct even when a domain or mailbox is renamed.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that we are not trying to install on a future unsupported OS.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that you can not install the extension if your server does not have enough free memory in order to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added MaxScanTime option that was introduced in ClamAV 0.101.4 under Scanning Limits.
  • [=] Updated the services widget to show the uptime, CPU usage, and memory usage of each service. The health dashboard widget was removed as its no longer needed.
  • [=] Updated the help for the PHP Script out report showing how to enable the X-PHP-Originating-Script header that Warden uses to track outgoing PHP mail.
  • [=] Updated the Warden installer to raise the default SpamAssassin scan size limit from 256000 bytes to 1000000 bytes.
  • [=] Updated the installer to automatically add firewall rules for Razor, Pyzor, and DCC if the Plesk firewall extension is installed and the rules do not already exist.
  • [=] Updated Warden to include third party plugins (TesseractOcr, SH). Any included third party plugins will be automatically upgraded with every new Warden release.
  • [=] Updated the mail lookup tool to highlight delivered messages in green and discarded messages in red.
  • [=] Updated the advanced edit pages to always show the full path to the file you are editing in the page legend.
  • [=] Updated the javascript libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the PHP vendor libraries to the latest versions.
  • [=] Updated the log anti-virus log pages to be merged with their main settings pages.
  • [=] Updated the default option for DataBaseMirror to be now that the ClamAV mirrors are using Cloudflare.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-virus milter OnFail option for new installs to be Accept instead of Defer so users can still send and receive email even when the ClamAV daemon is down.
  • [=] Improved the service status detection used by the dashboard services widget.
  • [-] Fixed style problems when using custom skins.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the rule templates for headers matching TLDs.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the Bad URI continents option under the URILocalBL page not loading properly when using multiple continents.

1.14-1 (07 Apr 2019)

  • [+] Added customer and company columns to the domains page.
  • [+] Added a mail log search tool for the spam and virus log pages. This will show administrators the complete mail log for a message-id.
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer RHEL/Centos (perl-Net-CIDR-Lite) Debian/Ubuntu (libnet-cidr-lite-perl).
  • [+] Added the email information lookup tool to the AV milter log grid.
  • [=] Updated any mail log columns that have a message-id or queue-id to use the new mail log search tool.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam rule templates to make them easier to understand.
  • [=] Updated the anti-spam rules to automatically escape values that are not wrapped in delimiters.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the spamass-milter config on some Ubuntu systems making sure that the spamass-milter -u option is not set.
  • [-] Fixed a bug with the TLDs rule template. To enable delete the old rule then re-add it using the new TLDs template.
  • [-] Fixed a bug on Debian/Ubuntu where the mail log would only show maillog but not mail.log files as data sources.
  • [-] Fixed the reset button not working on the mailbox page.

1.13-1 (07 Feb 2019)

  • [+] Added a signature management tool when clicking on the virus column in the virus log. You can whitelist or decode virus signatures using it.
  • [+] Added missing countries to the available countries (Åland Islands, Antarctica, Bonaire, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Saint Barthélemy, Svalbard and Jan Mayen).
  • [+] Added the anti-virus and anti-virus milter logs to the intelligent search.
  • [+] Added a notice when trying to start the anti-virus service if the server does not have enough free memory to start the ClamAV daemon.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that the ClamAV packages from rpmforge/repoforge are not installed and that they are excluded in their repo.
  • [=] Updated the Action log to include location and flag columns.
  • [=] Updated the intelligent search results to return 100 results if filtering by a specific log otherwise only return 10 results for each log.
  • [=] Updated the Spam and Virus logs to not show the ID column by default.
  • [=] Updated the Signature Whitelist page help to tell the user to not include the .UNOFFICIAL suffix when whitelisting third party signatures.
  • [=] Updated the PHP script out report to include help for finding the vhost directory and full path for a script.
  • [=] Updated the amount of time to wait when refreshing the services dashboard widget to give it enough time for the ClamAV daemon to fully restart.
  • [=] Updated the free memory requirements for ClamAV 0.101.0 to at least 600 MB.
  • [-] German translation fixes. Thanks Dennis!

1.12-3 (18 Jan 2019)

  • [-] Fixed bug on Debian/Ubuntu where the spamass-milter user was being set in the /etc/default/spamass-milter config file when it should not have been causing spam logging problems.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the log maintenance settings were not being saved and loaded from the database.

1.12-2 (25 Dec 2018)

  • [-] Fixed spamass-milter configration file parser issues.
  • [-] Fixed bug with spamass-milter -M (Do not modify message at all) and -m (Do not modify Subject:, Content-Type: or body) settings where options were reversed.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Debian 8.11 where it would not recognize the newer apt-get command line options the installer was using.
  • [-] Fixed AV Milter Settings add header select list option not showing the current value.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux systems where /proc was not accessible to determine if the system was running systemd or sysvinit.

1.12-1 (01 Dec 2018)

  • [+] Added SpamAssassin 4.00 and ClamAV 0.101.0 support.
  • [+] Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins HashBL, ResourceLimits, Phishing and FromNameSpoof (SpamAssassin 3.4.2+ is required).
  • [+] Added support for the SpamAssassin plugins RelayCountry, URILocalBL, WhiteListSubject, VBounce, DecodeShortURLs (experimental) and OLEMacro (experimental).
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for RHEL/Centos (perl-Encode perl-Encode-Detect perl-Net-DNS perl-BSD-Resource perl-DBD-SQLite perl-libwww-perl perl-Archive-Zip perl-IO-String).
  • [+] Added SpamAssassin dependency packages to the installer for Debian/Ubuntu (libencode-perl libencode-detect-perl libnet-dns-perl libbsd-resource-perl libdbd-sqlite3-perl libwww-perl libarchive-zip-perl libio-string-perl).
  • [+] Added multiple config file (.cf) support to the Rules area.
  • [+] Added the email lookup tool for the Sender and Recipient Envelope columns in the Spam log.
  • [+] Added new reports (Sender Domain, Sender TLD, Sender Envelope, Sender Mailer, Client rDNS, Mailbox Disk Usage, Mailbox Disk Usage Over Limit).
  • [+] Added a check to the updater to fix SELinux labels on compiled rules if the Rule2XSBody plugin is enabled.
  • [+] Added a message select list search dropdown to the Mail Reject Log grid.
  • [+] Added button actions Update (sa-update) and Compile(sa-compile) to the Rules grid.
  • [=] Removed the rule override options from the Anti-spam Settings page. If you want to override a rule score then enter it using the Rules page.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings pages to load and save to .cf config files if they exist otherwise use the file.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam Plugin Settings page to display warnings for any missing Perl modules.
  • [=] Updated the Anti-spam rule parser to save plugin rules within ifplugin statements and remove ifplugin statements if they are empty.
  • [=] Updated most of the options for TxRep plugin settings to be select lists to make them easier to understand.
  • [=] Updated the installer to set disable Txrep and Bayes auto learn for outgoing email.
  • [=] Updated the default setting from pyzor_timeout 3.5 to pyzor_timeout 10.0 to prevent pyzor: error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f) errors in the mail log.
  • [=] Updated the email lookup tool for the POP3/IMAP log and SMTP Auth Log.
  • [=] Updated the Domains and Mailboxes grids to now filter logs by the date range you have set.
  • [=] Updated the reports to now filter logs by the date range that you searched on.
  • [=] Updated the email autosuggest used in grids to support entries starting and ending with @.
  • [=] Updated the blacklist and whitelist textareas for mailboxes and domains to make sure that they auto-resize when multiple entries are added.
  • [=] Updated the mailbox reputation table data to sort by the highest count and to only display data with a count greater than 1.
  • [=] Updated the domains and mailboxes statistics search fields from date to date and time.
  • [=] Updated the default search date for the spam and virus logs from the last 30 to 15 days.
  • [=] Updated the Italian language translations. Thanks Ballestri!
  • [=] Updated the German language translations. Thanks Dennis!
  • [=] Updated the uninstaller to make sure that the Warden, Pyzor, and Razor2 plugins are disabled in the SpamAssassin config after uninstalling.
  • [-] Fixed bug with Spam and Ham language report URLs not searching the spam log properly.
  • [-] Fixed bug where SpamAssassin debug would report Mail::SPF missing even though perl-Mail-SPF was installed.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the wrong menu was being used for the recipient and Client rDNS in the spam log reducing its functionality.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the ClamAV virus_action database logging script would not have the correct ownership set by the installer on first run.
  • [-] Fixed bug where Spam Analysis would not log and display correctly when the SpamAssassin locale was not set to English.
  • [-] Fixed bug where courier-imaps and courier-pop3s log lines were not showing up in the POP3/IMAP Log.
  • [-] Fixed bug with the Spam Rule report not working.

1.11-2 (26 Sept 2018)

  • [-] Fixed bug where courier-pop3d log lines were not showing up in the POP3/IMAP Log.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the text highlight function would sometimes break html output.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV pid file creation problems on Debian/Ubuntu.

1.11-1 (13 Sept 2018)

  • [+] Added Plesk Onyx 17.9 support.
  • [+] Added service monitoring entries if the Watchdog extension is installed.
  • [+] Added an anti-virus restart button to the signature whitelist page.
  • [+] Added a pre-install check to make sure that atomic ClamAV packages are excluded.
  • [=] Updated the installer to enable server-wide Spamassassin spam filtering and individual settings to spam filtering required by Warden.
  • [=] Updated the un-installer to not remove the ClamAV packages if Sentinel Anti-malware is installed.
  • [=] Updated the default ClamAV DatabaseCustomURL option to include PHP malware signatures if Sentinel Anti-malware is installed.
  • [=] Removed the asn_prefix option from the ASN plugin page as its not supported on older versions of Spamassassin.
  • [-] Fixed license error when users were running with NO_ZERO_DATE enabled in MySQL.
  • [-] Fixed Spamassassin Razor2 bug ID 7018.

1.10-7 (25 July 2018)

  • [-] Fixed SELinux issues with Razor and Pyzor.
  • [-] Fixed No clamd server appears to be available bug with ClamAV 1.00.01+ on Centos/RHEL 7. A special thanks to the EPEL ClamAV package maintainer.
  • [-] Fixed spamass-milter not being removed in non_smtpd_milters when un-installed.

1.10-6 (17 July 2018)

  • [-] Fixed Spamassassin and ClamAV pre-install checker.
  • [-] Fixed Antivirus signature settings help link.
  • [-] Fixed missing symlink when Spamassassin is re-added on Debian.
  • [-] Fixed ClamAV installation problem on Ubuntu 14.04.

1.10-4 (24 June 2018)

  • [-] Fixed duplicate clamav milter entries when postfix is running in chroot mode.
  • [-] Fixed recipient in the spam log page being blank on some systems.
  • [-] Fixed spam sender report.

1.10-3 (11 June 2018)

  • [+] Added a pre-install memory check to make sure that the system has enough memory to run the clamav daemon.
  • [=] Updated the installer to include packages that might be missing on some systems (arj bzip2 gzip pax zip sendmail-milter).
  • [=] Updated SQL queries to be STRICT_ALL_TABLES compliant.
  • [=] Updated the installer to try to set proper selinux permissions for the spamass-milter socket.
  • [-] Fixed error when editing multiple mailboxes.
  • [-] Fixed license page billing cycle display.

1.10-2 (14 May 2018)

  • [=] Updated the installer to run freshclam to get the latest signatures on install.
  • [-] Fixed install bug preventing Clamav packages from being installed on Debian / Ubuntu.

1.10-1 (29 April 2018)

  • [+] Added wildcard search support to the logs area (-W).
  • [+] Added a support section to the settings page.
  • [+] Added support for free trial licenses.
  • [=] Updated the minimum Plesk version to 17.0 so we can use the new Plesk APIs.
  • [=] Updated the install / upgrade process to use the new Plesk Long Tasks API to provide a better installation experience.
  • [=] Updated misc components to follow Plesk extension guidelines.
  • [=] Updated SQL queries to be ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY complient.
  • [=] Updated the application to automatically re-add the custom button if it has been deleted.
  • [=] Depricated support for the RelayCountry and URILocalBL plugins as they used the old GeoLite databases which are no longer being updated.
  • [-] Fixed SUS license check bug.

1.09-1 (20 Feb 2018)

  • [+] Added a universal search on the top right of every page for easy searching though logs.
  • [+] Added a check button under rules so you can check and see if there are any errors in your Spamassassin configuration.
  • [+] Added the ability to set the maximum scan size for outgoing mail under Anti-spam Milter Settings.
  • [+] Added a direction column to the virus log so you can see if a virus was incoming or outgoing.
  • [+] Added script and mailer columns to the spam grid so you can eaily search and filter for mail that contains a X-PHP-Originating-Script, X-Mailer headers.
  • [+] Added an optional message_id column to the spam grid so you can search for a specific message-id.
  • [+] Added an additional check in the Warden spamassassin plugin to make sure that email redirects were only logged once.
  • [+] Added new domains and mailboxes statistics reports.
  • [+] Added new daily and hourly volume reports.
  • [+] Added new support and documentation links to the settings area.
  • [*] Security improvements and hardening.
  • [*] Updated the default settings for Scan outgoing SMTP and Scan outgoing Non-SMTP to on.
  • [*] Updated all reports to be actionable. You can click on columns or sets to search for the item the report is based off.
  • [*] Updated the domain and mailbox pages to display statistics for spam in, spam out, virus in, virus out, total in, total out.
  • [*] Updated the statistics logic to log statistics for domains even if the domains mailbox doesn't exist.
  • [*] Updated the default font size for autocomplete.
  • [*] Updated the the reset buttons on the spam and virus log to also reset the advanced search when pressed.
  • [*] Updated the default first sort order for domains and mailboxes grids so that they will sort desc on first click.
  • [-] Fixed apt-get installation warnings about front end not being set Debian/Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed search bugs when searching though file based log files.

1.08-2 (28 Jan 2018)

  • [+] Added a check button under rules so you can check and see if there are any errors in your configuration.
  • [-] Fixed bug where DKIM headers were not being added if outgoing scanning was enabled.
  • [-] Fixed anti-virus version info bug on Debian / Ubuntu.
  • [-] Fixed bug where clicking on the ham or spam in the mailbox log was not filtering the spam log correctly.

1.08-1 (20 Jan 2018)

  • [+] Added a seperate spamassassin milter for outgoing mail spam filtering.
  • [+] Added restart buttons to anti-spam pages as changes to the master config do not take effect until spamd is restarted.
  • [+] Added @domains to sender and recipient autosuggests.
  • [+] Added a mirror select list to the signature settings page.
  • [+] Added domain name, subject, spam, and direction search fields to the spam log page.
  • [+] Added a service search field to the mail log page.
  • [+] Added mail name search fields to the mailboxes page.
  • [+] Added an option to only log certain headers on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added an option to skip logging for certain addresses on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added an option to only log rule statistics for certain rules on the Warden plugin settings page.
  • [+] Added subgroup searching to the spam and virus log grids.
  • [+] Added sender envelope (EnvelopeFrom), recipient envelope(Envelope-To), vhost (X-PPP-Vhost), and script (X-PHP-Originating-Script) fields to the spam grid.
  • [+] Added a template select list to the rules page so you can load predefined rule templates.
  • [+] Added outgoing PHP scripts ham and spam reports now that we log the X-PPP-Vhost and X-PHP-Originating-Script headers for outgoing email.
  • [*] Updated the Warden plugin and mail lookup tools to handle email aliases and domain aliases.
  • [*] Updated the POP3/IMAP grid to match the grid used in Juggernaut Firewall.
  • [*] Updated the spam grid so you can hover over the sender and recipient fields to show you the origional from: and to: fields.
  • [-] Fixed bug where the client IP and client rDNS was not always reported properly in the spam log.

1.07-1 (8 Dec 2017)

  • [+] Added Debian 9 support.
  • [+] Added mailbox autosuggests for the log pattern searches.
  • [-] Removed deprecated ClamAV Milter AllowSupplementaryGroups option.
  • [-] Fixed permissions problems on Plesk 17.8.
  • [-] Fixed bug not being able to generate a report for all mailboxes on a specific domain.
  • [-] Fixed bug where you were not able to edit multiple mailboxes at the same time.
  • [-] Fixed bug where maillog.processed was not available as a data source.
  • [-] Fixed bug where global whitelist was not allowing some valid whitelist patterns.

1.06-1 (5 Nov 2017)

  • [*] Updated the application to only display exception backtrace when in development mode.
  • [-] Fixed bug on Cloudlinux where certain package dependencies were not being installed.
  • [-] Disabled sort option for all action columns.
  • [-] Security improvements.

1.05-1 (29 Oct 2017)

  • [+] Added Plesk 17.8 compatibility.
  • [*] Updated the documentation for how to enable ClamAV Third Party Signatures.
  • [-] Fixed email actions dialog mailbox pre-selection and duplicate emails bug.
  • [-] Fixed search highlight issue when searching though logs.
  • [-] Fixed issues with Razor2 and Pyzor when running with SELinux enabled.

1.04-2 (12 Oct 2017)

  • [-] Fixed exception when running the log maintance action.
  • [-] Fixed bugs in some reports.
  • [-] Fixed error when trying to install on Plesk 12.5.
  • [-] Fixed language auto-detection.

1.04-1 (10 Oct 2017)

  • [+] Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection is now a fully compatible Plesk extension with one click install / un-install.
  • [+] Added client side column sorting to all table based reports.
  • [+] Added a cancel button to settings forms.
  • [+] Added trusted hosts option to application settings to protect against host header spoof attacks.
  • [+] Added no frames action to application settings to give users the ability of what to do when the application is loaded without the sidebar.
  • [*] Switched all file management and suexec functions to use Plesks extension APIs.
  • [*] Updated the rules grid to show bottom dialog help on edit.
  • [*] Updated DNS and geolocation vendor classes to latest versions.
  • [*] Updated javascript libraries to their latest versions.
  • [*] Removed email settings pages as they were not currently being used.
  • [*] Security improvements.
  • [-] Fixed bug where scheduled tasks were not running properly.
  • [-] Fixed bug where null coordinates for an IP address would crash the map renderer.
  • [-] Fixed 'pm_Context' not found error when Plesks own internal error logging was enabled.
  • [-] Fixed IP address context menu popup styling in Google Chrome.
  • [-] Fixed bug where grid column chooser was not working properly.
  • [-] Fixed permission issues on Centos 6 for virus_action script.
  • [-] Fixed PHP compatibility, coding errors, and performance improvements using static PHP code inspection tools.

1.03-1 (22 June 2017)

  • [+] Added a mailbox reputation tab to view and manage auto-whitelist / TxRep reputation data.
  • [+] Added mailbox learning and reputation reports for viewing and exporting bayes learning and auto-whitelist / TxRep reputation data.
  • [+] Added a domain quick search to the domains and mailboxes pages.
  • [*] Updated the milter_default_action in postfix config to "accept" so email will never be denied if their is a problem with ClamAV.
  • [*] Updated the spam and virus log searches to not reload the full page when using the sender or recipient search.
  • [*] Changed the spam and virus log default search limit from 1 week to 1 month.
  • [*] Updated select list stying for the reports page.
  • [*] Updated the documentation to include SELinux tasks for creating proper policy exceptions for clamav-milter.

1.02-1 (18 June 2017)

  • [-] Fixed problem with ClamAV configuration parser when saving empty values.
  • [-] Translation fixes.

1.01-1 (08 June 2017)

  • [+] Added sender and recipient search inputs with autosuggest for easy access when searching though the spam and virus logs.
  • [+] Added learning display for mailboxes so you can see the bayes training details for each mailbox. You can also now reset the learning using the actions tab.
  • [*] Updated jqgrid component to the latest version.
  • [-] Fixed user permissions on virus action script on debian systems.

1.0-1 (02 March 2017)

  • [+] Initial release.