Signature Log Settings

UpdateLogFile - UpdateLogFile
Path to the log file. Make sure it has proper permissions.
Default: /var/log/freshclam.log

LogFileMaxSize - LogFileMaxSize
Maximum size of the log file. A value of 0 disabled the limit. You may use M/m for megabytes or K/k for kilobytes.
Default: 1M

LogTime - LogTime
Log the time with each message.
Default: yes

LogVerbose - LogVerbose
Enable verbose logging.
Default: no

LogSyslog - LogSyslog
Use system logger. This can work together with the log file.
Default: yes

LogFacility - LogFacility
Specify the type of syslog messages.
Default: LOG_LOCAL6

LogRotate - LogRotate
Enable log rotation. Always enabled when LogFileMaxSize is enabled.
Default: no

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