Milter Log Settings

Log file - LogFile
The log file must be writable for the user running daemon. A full path is required.
Default: /var/log/clamav-milter.log

Log File unlock - LogFileUnlock
Disables log file locking. By default the log file is locked for writing - the lock protects against running clamav-milter multiple times.
Default: no

Log file max size - LogFileMaxSize
Maximum size of the log file. A value of 0 disabled the limit. You may use M/m for megabytes or K/k for kilobytes. To specify the size in bytes just do not use modifiers. If LogFileMaxSize is enabled log rotation (the LogRotate option) will always be enabled.
Default: 1M

Log time - LogTime
Log the time with each message.
Default: yes

Log syslog - LogSyslog
Use the system logger. This can work together with LogFile.
Default: yes

Log facility - LogFacility
Specify the type of syslog messages - please refer to "man syslog"
Default: LOG_LOCAL6

Log verbose - LogVerbose
Enable verbose logging.
Default: no

Log rotate - LogRotate
Enable log rotation. Always enabled when LogFileMaxSize is enabled. Full (verbose info logged).
Default: yes

Log infected - LogInfected
Tune what is logged when a message is infected. Basic (minimal info logged)
Default: Basic

Log clean - LogClean
Tune what is logged when no threat is found in a scanned message. Useful in debugging but drastically increases the log size.
Default: Basic

Support multiple recipients - SupportMultipleRecipients
This option affects the behaviour of LogInfected, LogClean and VirusAction when a message with multiple recipients is scanned: If SupportMultipleRecipients is off (the default) then one single log entry is generated for the message and, in case the message is determined to be malicious, the command indicated by VirusAction is executed just once. In both cases only the last recipient is reported. If SupportMultipleRecipients is on: then one line is logged for each recipient and the command indicated by VirusAction is also executed once for each recipient.
Default: yes

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