Antispam Milter Settings

Scan outgoing SMTP - scan_outgoing_smtp
Scan any outgoing mail that is sent using the Postfix smtpd server running on the submission or SMTPS ports.
Default: 0

Scan outgoing Non-SMTP - scan_outgoing_non_smtp
Scan any outgoing mail that is sent using Postfix sendmail command-line or the Postfix qmqpd server.
Default: 0

Required score - required_score
An outgoing message over this score will be classified as spam. This is different than the one used for incoming email. This score should be lower than the reject score.
Default: 10.0

Reject_score - reject_score
An outgoing message over this score will be rejected. This score should be higher than the required score.
Default: 15.0

Do not modify Subject:, Content-Type: or body - disable_modification
Disables modification of the Subject: and Content-Type: headers and message body.
Default: 0

Do not modify message at all - disable_all_modification
Disables any modification of the message at all. No SpamAssassin X-Spam-* headers will be created. Both tagged and untagged mail gets passed through unchanged.
Default: 1

Ignore SMTP auth senders - ignore_smtp_auth_senders Ignores messages if the sender has authenticated via SMTP AUTH.
Default: 0

Ignore networks - ignore_networks Ignores messages if the originating IP is in the network(s) listed. The message will be passed through without calling SpamAssassin at all. Entries can be either an IP address (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn) or a CIDR network (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn/nn) one per line.
Default: empty